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Chinese leaders urge calm on UBC hospice plan

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<div id="user_storybody"><span class="photo left" style="width:227px;"><img alt="Some residents of the Promontory condominium in Vancouver oppose having a palliative care facility nearby at the University of British Columbia. (IBI/HB Architects website)" src="" style=""><em>Some residents of the Promontory condominium in Vancouver oppose having a palliative care facility nearby at the University of British Columbia. (IBI/HB Architects website)</em> <em class="credit">(IBI/HB Architects website)</em></span>
<p>At a news conference Tuesday in Richmond, B.C. they urged people to remain calm while more discussion on the plan takes place.</p>
<p>The leaders agreed some opposition to the plan is based on unfounded Chinese superstition, and said the controversy is giving the Chinese culture a bad name.</p>
<p>David Choi, the head of the National Congress of Chinese Canadians, said the condo owners cannot rely on the misuse of Chinese culture and or the Chinese community to back their opposition.</p>
<p>The hospice proposal calls for a 15-bed palliative care facility, called St. John Hospice, to be built next to a high-rise condominium building called the Promontory.</p>
<p>One condo owner said most residents in the building are of Asian descent and believe living close to a hospice will bring bad luck.</p>
<p>"In Chinese culture, we are against having dying people in your backyard," said Janet Fan told CBC News last week. "We cannot accept this. It's against our belief, against our culture. It's not culturally sensitive."</p>
<p>A two-bedroom condo in the Promontory sells for almost $1 million, and people fear their property value will plummet if the hospice is built.</p>
Read more: <a href="" style="color:#003399;" target="_blank"></a></p>
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<p>Interesting glimpse into some of the issues that arise when the ethnic face of your community is changing.  I was reading some demographic projections that indicate that Chinese and Indian cultural perceptions will play an even greater role in urban life here.  </p>
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<p>Ack, Baptist Zombies!  <span><img alt="bonedemon.gif" src="" style="width:128px;height:128px;"></span></p>
<p>I live in Lotus Land.  The real estate just keeps going up, up, up.  When it corrects, nobody knows.  A co-worker told me her assessment went up 20% this year. </p>
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