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Chicago Marathon 2008

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With registration opening in 2 days, I thought I'd start a thread where we can keep track of who is coming and whatnot. I live about 2-3 blocks from the finish this year!<br><br>
Anywho, who is coming???<br><br>
I would run it, but it's $110 and I've already done it. I am thinking about it though.<br><br><i>Marathoners</i><br>
Maria's Sis<br>
Voodoo<br><br><i>Athletic Supporters<br></i>Oache<br>
****Biah has taken over keeping the tally of who's who here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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Revenge seeker here. I'm pretty positive I'm doing it. I've gotten my business travel schedule and have nothing that weekend. Funny enough, I'll be in Chicago on business the week after.<br><br>
I'm ready to kick that race right in the friggin' teef!
I finished in 5:03-something. It was a death march from mile 11 on. I thought about quitting at mile 6.<br><br>
It actually was about a 6-foot-tall chain link fence. I couldn't find my way into the corral and it was getting late. There were a bunch of people climbing the fence to get in so I followed them. I did one of those two-footed leaps over and tweaked my back when I landed, which got worse as the race progressed. I also was battling a nasty case of plantar fasciaitis.<br><br>
Everything about the race was so awesome except my running. That was frustrating.
It's funny, because I always seem to think about your Chicago Marathon when I'm running a marathon. I remember back then you talking about the deathmarch and I'm thinking, "How in the hell can someone finish in such an awesome time while struggling?"<br><br>
Now I get it, but back then, it was unfathomable that one could walk during a marathon and run 3:44.
Oh, and I got my corral assignment -- Corral C. <img alt="banana.gif" src=""><br><br>
And when they asked for projected finishing time, which has nothing to do with corral assignment, I put down 3:25. <img alt="shock.gif" src="">
Congress Hotel -- reserved my room for Sat. and Sun. nights.
Southwest usually has the cheapest flights. You can't book flights past August yet on their Web site. I bet there'll be flights for $49 each way, so about $114 when all is said and done.<br><br>
Btw, my uncle signed up for Chicago. Not sure why, the odds are he'll be injured and probably won't run it. It would be his first marathon and second race. He's run one 5k. He's in good shape, especially for a 50+ year old. But he doesn't get it that your tendons and ligaments and all that need to get used to running. We were going to run a marathon last year, but he got hurt. I think he's finally forgot how much marathon training hurts sometimes! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
Wow! I've been telling people June. Not people who will be running the race, though.
<img alt="hello2.gif" src="">
300 to 310, eh? I was up around there once. Oh, you were talking <i>time</i>... <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
I'm up for dinner. I'd rather have it earlier -- 4 or 5ish, than later. That's just me, though.
Which street is that on? <img alt="icon_scratch.gif" src="">
Oh yea. That place with the beer... and stuff.<br><br>
Dude, that was like three years ago!
Gah! I hate to hear that. <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> I'm so sorry for her. Especially because I feel like I'm on the edge of joining her. I'm just happy to get through each run and each week right now. And I'm hoping some of my speed (well, what little speed I had) comes back.
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