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Catch us if you Can -- Week 2

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New thread for a new week. Everyone posted up amazing points for our first week, lets keep that rolling! We're definitely a team to be reckoned with in this round.<br><br>
On the plate for me today is a 6.5ish mile run. I'm going to run home from work for the first time. I'm kinda excited to see this route that I drive so often in a new light.<br><br>
Great job on the races and bonus points this weekend!
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morning gang, supposed to do 6 today. my legs are really tired after last week's personal record in mileage (55 miles in 7 days). those 6 may turninto 5 running and 1 walking to rest up a bit. I will be a little light during the week on running points (I think I have 15-18 miles scheduled between now and Friday), but I have a 22 mile run scheduled for this weekend so it will be a solid week of points when all is said and done.<br><br>
oh and I have now stretched two days in a row for a few extra points. I make note of this because I do not guys have inspired me to take 5-10 minnutes after a run to work on to each of you I say thanks!<br><br>
have a nice day everyone...
evening gang-put up 23 points...was able to grind out 3 miles on the TM and then 30 minutes on the ellip, plus my new stretch routine for a point!<br><br>
wow-the legs needed the easy mileage day. tomorrow should be about the same.<br><br>
great job gang
just got done watching Bourne Ultimatum 81 minutes on the ellip while watching<br><br>
also took the dog out for a mile walk so 31 points on a non-running day for me.<br><br>
get yourself healthy <b>Abb</b> !! knee problems suck!
have not posted my points yet, but put in 5 miles over lunch. some of the best 5 miles I have run in the last 3 months as I train for my marathon in May. just a great run.<br><br>
I may be able to grab a few more points yet tonight in stretching or ellip so I will post em all when I know I am done for the day.
had time for 10 minutes oif stretching so you add that to my 5 miles<br><br>
22 total points for the day<br>
great job gang!
we are hanging tough even with people hurt, but it is far more important to keep us all healthy than to win VRAA so lets all be smart out there!<br><br>
8 on my scheudle today, but might get shortend due to time contraints.<br><br>
okay I have lost track of this<br><br>
who on our team is training for a marathon and when? I want to make sure I can virtually cheer for people even after VRAA is done!<br><br>
Mine is May 17th in Fargo
This will actually be my third mary. I ran my first two last year (Fargo in May and Twin Cities in October).<br><br>
I am returning to Fargo this year and will be pacing my SIL through her first. so a very cool way to do number 3. I will also run Twin Cites again this year because last year I finished but it was a death march from mile 17 on (it was the same day as Chicago and the temps were with in a couple degrees of Chicago. I am sure many of you know that story there). In other words, I have a score to settle with TCM and will return with that in mind.<br><br>
part of me wants to hit another marathon in like december/janaury somewhere warm, but that would need to be worked out with DW and kids schedule. althugh last year I needed december and january to recover from the beating my body went through training for two marathons. so we will see.<br><br>
the rock-n-roll marathon in january in arizona sounds appealing for sure.<br><br>
crazy thing for me was I started runnin in June 06 to lose weight and swore people running marathons were I am one of the crazies
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ran 8 tonight, walked .5 and did 10 solid minutes of stretching will get my points posted here shortly (36 total!!)<br><br><b>Tamster</b> have heard the name for sure, but do not know him.
<b>tamster</b> did you see Spirit of the Marathon?
hi everyone,<br><br>
light day here for me, maybe 30 minutes on the ellip to keep teh legs loose. tomorrow is a 22 miler plus some walking to warmup and cool down so big number this weekend for sure on my end.<br><br>
stay healthy everyone!
evening gang. today was listed as 100% rest day and chose ot followthat basedon all ofthe people have hobbled.<br><br>
I got my 10 minuts of stretching in though so I still got 2 points on the board for us.<br><br>
22 miler in the morning.<br><br>
good night all
hey gang the 22 miler is done! I walked for full mile after to cool down as well and stretched for 10 solid minutes so I am about to go enter 94 points for us today on the scoring site.<br><br>
I am so not a swimmer so I am gonna miss the bonus this weekend for sure, but I will absolutely rack up some cardio points tomorrow before church and lunch!<br><br><br>
looks like some great long runs out there today from <b>LL, RFTL and JJJ</b> for sure and others still to come I bet.<br><br>
get better <b>Chosha</b> question if you are sick trying to run through it will not get you better! get healthy first and the running will come.
Abb I am sure Tamster or Intense will confirm but the bons weekends I believ all run friday-Sunday so you should be able to add those 5 points on to your Friday total!
holy smokes gang!!! we are in first right now!!!<br><br>
I did not get up this morning to hit the ellip, but will absollutely do so tonight when I get home. may not be for long, but I will get some points on the bard yet today for sure!!<br><br>
just a monster weekend team! wow
was able to put 16 total points with ellip and some walking.<br><br>
good night team
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