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Catch us if you Can -- Week 2

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New thread for a new week. Everyone posted up amazing points for our first week, lets keep that rolling! We're definitely a team to be reckoned with in this round.<br><br>
On the plate for me today is a 6.5ish mile run. I'm going to run home from work for the first time. I'm kinda excited to see this route that I drive so often in a new light.<br><br>
Great job on the races and bonus points this weekend!
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5 miles running and 15 minutes stretching done.
8 mile run and 10 minutes stretching.<br><br>
34 points.
5 miles running.<br>
10 minutes stretching<br>
1 hour walking.<br><br>
32 points for us today.<br><br><b>Marathon question</b> - I'm running the National Marathon next Saturday (March 29th) and then Eugene on May 4th.
We (the 30s) that are planning on meeting up haven't set any plans but I assume we'll be joining the big Masters group that's getting together on Saturday night too. <b>Duck</b> has kept us in the loop and we've been following/posting in the thread on the weekend in the Masters forum. I think right now there is only four or five 30s coming to the race.
Yep - I'm a 30.<br><br>
Well off the top of my head I can only think of <b>myself</b>, <b>Duckgeek</b>, <b>Bob</b> and <b>Dankinia.</b><br><br>
Of course I may be totally forgetting someone.
I'm coming solo. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
18 mile run.<br>
10 minutes stretching.<br><br>
74 points today.
8 mile recovery run and 10 minutes stretching.<br><br>
34 points today.
1 - 8 of 116 Posts
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