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Catch us if you Can -- Week 2

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New thread for a new week. Everyone posted up amazing points for our first week, lets keep that rolling! We're definitely a team to be reckoned with in this round.<br><br>
On the plate for me today is a 6.5ish mile run. I'm going to run home from work for the first time. I'm kinda excited to see this route that I drive so often in a new light.<br><br>
Great job on the races and bonus points this weekend!
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I was scheduled for 9 this morning, but my feet don't like the long runs and my right foot is sore. I hopped on the bike for 30 minutes and will try to get back on tonight and do some yoga and/or strength. Tomorrow is x-training day, but if my foot feels better I will run instead. I think I need shoes with more cushioning in the front.
Good morning team! My foot is still bothering me a bit. I got up early and did 60 minutes on the bike. I was supposed to get 36 points for running yesterday so I will try to get some more tonight. Maybe I will ride again? We'll see.<br><br>
Intensebeet - nice job on the new distance. Ouch on the knee. When is your 10K? I've never done one of those.
Hey team, I don't think I will be doing anything more tonight. I am exhausted and I am going to send the kids to bed early and hit the hay early. I hope to be in bed by 8 tonight. Totally lame, I know, but I have been very sleep deprived lately and need it.
I was going to get up and run my 4 this morning even though I haven't gotten my foot checked yet. But, I couldn't get my lazy a$$ out of bed. Hopefully I will get my groove back later and hop on the bike. Tomorrow I see my primary so she can refer me to a podiatrist. Good thing this was a scheduled cut back week for me. I'm still 13 miles in the hole though.
Last night I got nothing done. Sorry about the 0 point day - my life is getting in the way right now. This morning I rode for 60 minutes and stretched and I posted the points already.
I guess we have a lot of people on the dl. Ds7 is sick so my plans of dragging them to the running store to get new shoes is out. I will try to grab some more time on the bike to cover some points.
Well, my doctor thinks I have arthritis in my feet. Not surprising considering my family history and the ortho who treated my stress reaction last year saw the beginnings of arthritis in my toes. So, I have the all clear to run. I need to get an x-ray done for confirmation, but she is pretty sure it is nothing to worry about.<br><br>
Korbel - I am training for my first M on 5/4 in Providence RI. Good Luck on yours.
I did 60 minutes of yoga after work. DD did it for a little while but got bored. So, I got some more points to bring my total for today to 32. Tomorrow I run! <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Good Morning! I ran 6.5 this morning. The foot felt great, the knee was a little stiff. I rolled and stretched for 10 minutes and will try to yoga again tonight.<br><br>
Old man winter is still showing his might in the NE. It is cold and windy out there!
The only pools I have access to are outdoors and seeing as how it is below freezing still, I won't be getting the 5 point bonus. bummer!
Hey everyone! I ran 12.25 this afternoon. Tomorrow I will run an undertmined number of miles after I get home from the holiday festivities at sil's house.<br><br><br>
Have a great EASTER everyone!
I ran 4 miles after getting home from sil's house. It felt great - My legs felt like I could run faster and farther, but my full belly made me slow it down and stop at 4.<br><br>
Looks like we are in the lead - WTG team C!
Good Morning! 6.5 very cold miles for me this morning. I am staying home with a sick kid today so I am going to wait to post my points since I am hoping to do some time on the bike trainer and some yoga as well. Let's see if we can keep this lead!!
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