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Catch us if you Can -- Week 2

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New thread for a new week. Everyone posted up amazing points for our first week, lets keep that rolling! We're definitely a team to be reckoned with in this round.<br><br>
On the plate for me today is a 6.5ish mile run. I'm going to run home from work for the first time. I'm kinda excited to see this route that I drive so often in a new light.<br><br>
Great job on the races and bonus points this weekend!
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Today's a traditional rest day, but walked 3 miles with me DW.<br>
This team is hanging tough.<br>
I wish weren't so beaten up, and I be putting more points on the board.<br>
I have a HM trail, an M (training purpose's only) and a 50k trail before the end of April.<br>
So, I should be nearing my peak, instead, I have to heal first. Such is reality. <img alt="roll_eyes.gif" src=""><br>
Hey Team<br>
Felt a bit better today<br>
but the schedule is light and I can use plenty of light.<br>
10 min XT = 2<br>
27 min cardio = 9<br>
4.5 run walk =18<br><br>
Thanks Tam,<br>
TOdays a light day, tomorrow I'm driving to DD in MD, but wil walk the dog for a few points.<br><br>
Just a single point yesterday,but got an MLR 16 on the Seneca Trail in MD. I'm visiting family here for a few days.<br>
I see some good points coming C's way.<br>
Go get 'em<br>
Catch Us if You Can!<br><br>
Nice scores Tam and Andi!<br>
Thats a PR distance isn't it Tam? <img alt="icon_salut.gif" src=""><br>
Thanks <b>KS</b>, pie is always welcome.<br>
WhooHoo <b>Tam</b>, you're hawt and on fire!<br>
This team has caught a wave, let's ride it.<br><br>
Light day for a weekend, 11.6 miles on easy trail. Beautiful day.<br>
Holy Smokes!<br>
You guys are on fire.<br>
I think I'm the only one slackin <img alt="blush.gif" src="">.<br>
I have two races this weekend and won't be running much until then.<br>
But maybe I can cycle or elliptical to keep up my end of the bargain.<br>
5.2 run/walk = 21 pts.<br>
What a race!<br>
1 - 7 of 116 Posts
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