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Catch Us If You Can - 3/31 to the finish!!

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Hey all~!<br><br>
This is it Team - we are down to the final few days. So, let's give it what we've got and keep ourselves competitive this week!<br><br>
Did everyone claim their 5 bonus points for running this weekend?<br><br>
Have a great day everyone!
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Happy Birthday Korbel!!!<br><br>
I have to do Xtraining today <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> instead of run, so I plan on leaving work a bit early and hitting the gym to go cycling. I only had 5 mi on the schedule today, but hope to get in a minimum of 90 min of cardio - probably 45 min cycling and 45 min elliptical.
<span style="color:#0000FF;"><span style="font-family:'Comic Sans MS';"><span style="font-size:x-large;">Happy Birthday, Korbel!!!!</span></span></span><img alt="smile.gif" src=""><img alt="smile.gif" src=""><img alt="smile.gif" src="">
5.75 miles done.<br><br>
It's too bad I don't get points for my activities last night. I certainly got a workout. Maybe alternate workout?<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;">
wow - that is quite a blaze!<br><br>
Thank you for being a firefighter!
Wow - That was quite a fire. I hope everyone got out ok.<br><br>
I managed to fit in a 1.5 mile run after work and before the kiddies got off the bus.
Happy Birthday <b>Dom!</b> Hope you enjoyed your day!<br>
Wow, <b>Larry.</b> That's all I can say.<br>
How's your recovery <b>JJJessee?</b><br><br>
I hope everyone's doing well. I hit the gym for some lower body lifting this morning. I still have to hop on the treadmill tonight for my scheduled 6. My mind will feel so much better once it's done.
thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!<br><br>
got me a solid 5 miles in while the wife and kids are out getting a yummy cake to bring home, will go post my points in a moment!<br><br><b>LL</b>man I keep looking at those pics in awe just a massive fire!
36 minutes cardio<br>
15 minutes stretch & weights<br><br>
12 + 3 = 15<br><br>
Tamster... take CARE of you!
What a fire! Was everyone okay?<br>
Happy Birthday Korbel!<br><br>
Hi everyone! I haven't checked in since Sunday, so here's what I have.<br><br>
Monday - nada. My run was rained out.<br>
Yesterday - 10mins core. Theia's planks are killer!<br>
Today - 4 miles and 10mins core.<br><br>
Points have been posted. Have a great night!
hey team. Thanks for checking in Chosha. I was going to PM you tomorrow and see if you were okay.<br><br>
well, for not running, I got in quite a workout tonight. took off work early and hit the gym.<br><br>
I did 100 min on a spinning bike, part of that was with a 50 min spinning class.<br>
I took my dogs for a 2 mi walk when I got home and I am getting ready to do at least 30 min of yoga stretches/ab work/pushups.<br><br>
so, let's see that makes 33 pts for spinning, 8 pts for the walk and 6 pts for the alt workout, total 47 pts. got in more points then if I would have been able to do my planned 5 mi run.
Good morning!<br><br>
My run was cut short last night thanks to my hamstring. I even tried to run at 3 am, but it was still bothering me. I am going to try to go to my spin class and just take it easy.<br><br>
100 minuites on a spinning bike!!!! <b>Holy Moly Tamster!!!!!!!<img alt="notworthy.gif" src=""></b>
I got in 4.25 miles of running and 15 mins alt. yesterday. Today I have a total of 6 planned with 4 at tempo. Enjoy the day everyone.
6 mile run<br>
10 minutes stretching.<br><br>
Points are in.
Thanks Ecca - my butt was pretty numb afterwards. Probably time to pull out my old biking shorts if I'm going to do more of that. . . . .
My training plan calls for two rest days before my first 10k on Saturday, but I'll do something to garner some extra points for us. My race is Saturday morning and then I'm hopping straight in the car and driving back to Jersey again. I think I'm going to be exhausted by the end of the weekend.<br><br>
Since I'm anticipating being pretty busy until the end of the competition I just wanted to thank everyone for being an awesome team. Everyone's been so great about getting points and posting them into the database, it's made my and Tamster's life pretty easy. Speaking of whom, a huge thanks to Tamster for being a fabulous co-captain and staying on top of everything while I've been in and out of town and tied up with all sorts of things that I hadn't anticipated when this round started.<br><br>
Keep up the great work team and lets have a nice strong push through this last weekend!
Good luck on your 10K! I can't wait to hear about it. I like the 10K distance. Almost as much as I like the HM distance. I would say those two are my favorite.<br><br>
And THANK YOU Intensebeet for co-captaining. It's been my pleasure. I have really enjoyed this round alot. My apologies if anyone felt like I nagged you for points. We are currently in 5th place and so very close to hitting the 10,000 mark! I think a few other teams will be hitting the finish line by Saturday a.m., but let's keep hitting as hard as we can to move up in the standings! We've consistently been in the top 3 spots from almost the beginning and I really do think we could pull back into that #3 spot before this is over. There's not a huge point spread amongst us and the couple of teams above us. I must say that I'm quite impressed with how we've done considering we the illnesses, injuries and setbacks that some of us have faced. Thanks to all of you for pushing to do your part when you might not always have felt like it. Hopefully this VRAA got many of you to enjoy the cross training that runners really can benefit from . . . . and the stretching that someone <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> really didn't do before VRAA. Hopefully you'll keep it up! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
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That was quiet a spin Tam.<br>
Well, recovery was slower than anticipated. I should have walked on monday a didn't yesterday I walked and did some planks = 6 pts.<br>
BUt today I had a good running workout. .9mile easy and .1 hard x 6 with a brisk walk mile in the middle. plus wu/cd walk = 7.9 miles = 32pts and 10min planks = 2. Today = 34.<br><br>
Happy belated Birthday Korbel!!
7 miles Running/walking. Actually 6 running and 1 mile walking. 20 min alternate workout. 4 miles tempo at 7:01 pace and now I am tired. Have a great evening everyone and hopefully we can sneek in the top 3.
well gang, looks like we may not make it through today. bummer. I have 22-24 scheudle for tomorrow.<br><br>
will do 6 or so easy ones today for sure though.<br><br>
this was my first VRAA and an absolute blast! Thanks Tam and Intense for co-captianing and huge kuddos all my teammates who battled injuries and the like. I will absolutely be back for the next round!
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