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Catch Us If You Can - 3/31 to the finish!!

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Hey all~!<br><br>
This is it Team - we are down to the final few days. So, let's give it what we've got and keep ourselves competitive this week!<br><br>
Did everyone claim their 5 bonus points for running this weekend?<br><br>
Have a great day everyone!
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I put this in last week's thread but will cross post it here for Becca<br><br>
Becca-pure dumb luck that I noticed this. I was making sure I put my friday points in and sorted by date for our team to do it. I was looking at all of our weekend points (great weekend btw team) and saw that you had nothing entered for saturday (3/29).<br><br>
you ran like 15 I think that day didn't you or am I thinking of someone else entirely?<br><br>
like i said, dumb luck that I noticed
6.5 miles running.<br><br>
man this VRAA is good for me...<br><br>
fell asleep next to my daughter after reading to her at bed...woke up and drug my butt back down stairs to the TM to get my miles in. no way I do that if we are not in the heat of this thing!
30 min ellip and 5 minute stretch yesterday gang so 11 points.<br><br>
5 or 6 miles today, hopefully over a slightly longer lunch!!
thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!<br><br>
got me a solid 5 miles in while the wife and kids are out getting a yummy cake to bring home, will go post my points in a moment!<br><br><b>LL</b>man I keep looking at those pics in awe just a massive fire!
well gang, looks like we may not make it through today. bummer. I have 22-24 scheudle for tomorrow.<br><br>
will do 6 or so easy ones today for sure though.<br><br>
this was my first VRAA and an absolute blast! Thanks Tam and Intense for co-captianing and huge kuddos all my teammates who battled injuries and the like. I will absolutely be back for the next round!
I am confused. so todya is the final day to score points, but you have til Tuesday april 8 to enter them OR can we keep scoring points all weekend and into Tuesday to try to leap frog into 3rd?<br><br>
my hunch is the former, but want to make sure if I am supposed to keep track o my weekend points I do.
the punishment of satuday led me to my only 100% rest day of the entire VRAA body sure needed it.<br><br>
However, legs feel freakin awesome..<br><br>
this has been a blast everyone!

I don't blame you for taking a rest day Korbel, but you were going to be the ONLY member on the C Team that scored points every single day! You were going to get a special gift for that too . . .<br><br>
oh, what the heck . . . I'll give you a dancing banana anyways! <img alt="banana.gif" src=""><br><br>
Thank goodness I did not know or I would have not rested!!!
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