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Catch Us If You Can - 3/31 to the finish!!

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Hey all~!<br><br>
This is it Team - we are down to the final few days. So, let's give it what we've got and keep ourselves competitive this week!<br><br>
Did everyone claim their 5 bonus points for running this weekend?<br><br>
Have a great day everyone!
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I just went to look at that Korbel and it was just entered on the wrong date, so I edited it for the 29th. It was entered in as a double entry on the 13th.<br><br>
thanks for picking up on that though!
Thanks so much for getting in whatever extra points you all could muster up!<br><br>
I need a thrashing, for I did not a thing last night . . . came home, made dinner, helped DS with homework, cleaned up a bit, watched the telly and was in bed by about 10 p.m.<br><br>
I'm heading to the gym at lunch time though for 5 miles and it's supposed to be nice and sunny out today, so will probably take my dogs for a walk when I get home too.
Hey intense! We have a dermatologist doc on our masters forum and she has been asking for photos of any type of running injuries, rashes, etc. for a seminar she's giving on skin care & injuries, etc. for athletes. I know she would love a photo of a heart shaped blister and black toenails are always welcome! (i have right now too as a result of my 18 mile run). If you are so inclined, you could take a pic of those and email them to her. let me know if you are interested and I'll forward you her email.
Happy Birthday Korbel!!!<br><br>
I have to do Xtraining today <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> instead of run, so I plan on leaving work a bit early and hitting the gym to go cycling. I only had 5 mi on the schedule today, but hope to get in a minimum of 90 min of cardio - probably 45 min cycling and 45 min elliptical.
wow - that is quite a blaze!<br><br>
Thank you for being a firefighter!
hey team. Thanks for checking in Chosha. I was going to PM you tomorrow and see if you were okay.<br><br>
well, for not running, I got in quite a workout tonight. took off work early and hit the gym.<br><br>
I did 100 min on a spinning bike, part of that was with a 50 min spinning class.<br>
I took my dogs for a 2 mi walk when I got home and I am getting ready to do at least 30 min of yoga stretches/ab work/pushups.<br><br>
so, let's see that makes 33 pts for spinning, 8 pts for the walk and 6 pts for the alt workout, total 47 pts. got in more points then if I would have been able to do my planned 5 mi run.
Thanks Ecca - my butt was pretty numb afterwards. Probably time to pull out my old biking shorts if I'm going to do more of that. . . . .
Good luck on your 10K! I can't wait to hear about it. I like the 10K distance. Almost as much as I like the HM distance. I would say those two are my favorite.<br><br>
And THANK YOU Intensebeet for co-captaining. It's been my pleasure. I have really enjoyed this round alot. My apologies if anyone felt like I nagged you for points. We are currently in 5th place and so very close to hitting the 10,000 mark! I think a few other teams will be hitting the finish line by Saturday a.m., but let's keep hitting as hard as we can to move up in the standings! We've consistently been in the top 3 spots from almost the beginning and I really do think we could pull back into that #3 spot before this is over. There's not a huge point spread amongst us and the couple of teams above us. I must say that I'm quite impressed with how we've done considering we the illnesses, injuries and setbacks that some of us have faced. Thanks to all of you for pushing to do your part when you might not always have felt like it. Hopefully this VRAA got many of you to enjoy the cross training that runners really can benefit from . . . . and the stretching that someone <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> really didn't do before VRAA. Hopefully you'll keep it up! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
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Team G has already crossed the finish line and Team A should be following soon as well. Since both teams will cross the finish line on the same day, then Billy will arbitrarily pick a random day at some point during VRAA and of those two teams, whoever was leading in points on that arbitrary day will be the winner, and the other one will be 2nd place. Team G has consistently led this race since almost the beginning, so odds are in their favor to win 1st place, with Team A as 2nd place and now I forget who I saw in 3rd place?<br><br>
here it is as of right now (2:00 p.m)<br>
Team G 12042<br>
Team A 11912<br>
Team I 11128<br>
Team J 10849<br>
Team C 10245<br><br>
We are almost 1000 pts behind the 3rd place team. The 3rd place finisher is still up for grabs. Even Team I has about 900 pts to get to cross the finish for the bronze. I would still encourage you all to do what you can do and get your points entered. Even if it doesn't look like we'll get a 3rd place position. Billy has some leaderboard recap fun he's planning and I think you should all do what you can for your individual points. If I remember correctly, he's going to do some type of recognition for the various levels of badassery that you signed up for and the total points you contributed to your team.
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Hi Team!<br><br>
A bit later I'm heading out for a bike ride - should be able to get in somewhere between 2.5 and 3 hrs worth of biking.<br><br>
if you are acquiring points this weekend, please still go ahead and enter them. It'll help your overall individual standings and Billy has something planned for that as well.
No one has gotten to 3rd place yet, so the game is still on folks. So if you have points, go ahead and enter them.<br><br>
Nice run today Korbel!! wow - 24 miles! sweet!
you are very welcome Ecca!<br><br>
That run you had sound wonderful! The N.E. is one region of the U.S. I've never had an opportunity to visit but would sure love to.<br><br>
I'll get in a gym workout later this afternoon while my son is at a bday party.
I don't blame you for taking a rest day Korbel, but you were going to be the ONLY member on the C Team that scored points every single day! You were going to get a special gift for that too . . .<br><br>
oh, what the heck . . . I'll give you a dancing banana anyways! <img alt="banana.gif" src=""><br><br>
I know we sort of fizzled out this past weekend, since it didn't look like we would place, and I have quite a few peeps that didn't record points or check in - and a few that haven't checked in since the 4th. BUT, if you are so inclined, please enter your points. I was planning on totalling up what everyone contributed to the team for this round of VRAA and see how that compares with whatever category you signed up as so you can see how accurately you predicted your level of contribution. (I'm a numbers geek that way I guess). I think quite a few folks will be surprised how they exceeded what they thought they would contribute. Those cross training and alternate workouts really add up.<br><br>
I hope everyone enjoyed the ride and if this was your first VRAA, I hope you'll participate again in future rounds.
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YAY Mustang Mom! I hope you enjoyed your resting!<br><br>
I did a little number crunching and this is for informational purposes only! It's not, repeat NOT!, meant to say to anyone "you didn't live up to your commitment" or anything like that at all! I tallied each individuals points so you can see what you contributed individually to our team totals. Then I am giving you what the range of total points contribution would ideally be based the levels of 'badassery'. You can then compare what level you signed up as (and if you don't remember, I can tell you as I have that stuf at my fingertips here), with what your total points were. This is just so you can see, if you are interested, if you accurately predicted what you'd be doing and may be helpful in determining what level you sign up for if you do another VRAA.<br><br>
our total points as of today is 11,053 (but really it's 10,953 because we were given 100 pts for coming up with a team name)<br><br>
Abb94: 794<br>
AlaMichele: 326<br>
Andi: 803<br>
Chosha2002: 283<br>
Eccabex: 790<br>
intensebeet: 666<br>
JJJ: 1070<br>
kfuller: 558<br>
korbel: 987<br>
lgreenberg: 1047<br>
MMom: 378<br>
Runnin: 857<br>
tamster: 834<br>
winejunky: 1033<br>
vashondan: 527<br><br>
Titanium = 1120 or more points<br>
Mega = 800-1120 pts<br>
Super = 480-800 pts<br>
Badass = 240-480<br>
BAIT = 0-240<br><br>
Almost everyone (10 people to be exact) moved up ONE category from what they thought they would do compared to what they actually did. But no one totally underestimated (or sandbagged as some teams would call it! LOL ) what they would contribute. So, in that respect, I would say we had a very successful and accurate team. Even those that got injured did enough cross training to stay within their category.<br><br>
And a big congrats to Chosha - who signed on as BAIT, but with a score of 283 you were comfortably in the badass category! Nice job!
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Actually, I deleted out the 100 pts from your score Intense - so that you just saw the points earned for VRAA workouts, rather than the 100 for the team name. But I almost wanted to make your number 667 . . . just because 666 seems so wrong! <img alt="uhoh2.gif" src="">
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