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Catch Us If You Can - 3/31 to the finish!!

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Hey all~!<br><br>
This is it Team - we are down to the final few days. So, let's give it what we've got and keep ourselves competitive this week!<br><br>
Did everyone claim their 5 bonus points for running this weekend?<br><br>
Have a great day everyone!
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My feet hurt. I underestimated how tough hiking through sand would be. I figured it was flat, couldn't be as bad as hiking the AT, right....Apparently my boots while fabulous on rocky uneven terrain are not meant for sandy flat south jersey terrain. Anyway over the course of the weekend I got in about 25 miles and some stretching and such. I will catch up with everything else later.
I have a beautiful heart shaped blister on the bottom of my foot and I think I might lose my first ever toenail so no running for me today I think. Some yoga and weights and hopefully a run tomorrow. Great work on points this weekend everyone!
My training plan calls for two rest days before my first 10k on Saturday, but I'll do something to garner some extra points for us. My race is Saturday morning and then I'm hopping straight in the car and driving back to Jersey again. I think I'm going to be exhausted by the end of the weekend.<br><br>
Since I'm anticipating being pretty busy until the end of the competition I just wanted to thank everyone for being an awesome team. Everyone's been so great about getting points and posting them into the database, it's made my and Tamster's life pretty easy. Speaking of whom, a huge thanks to Tamster for being a fabulous co-captain and staying on top of everything while I've been in and out of town and tied up with all sorts of things that I hadn't anticipated when this round started.<br><br>
Keep up the great work team and lets have a nice strong push through this last weekend!
Hmm...I got 666 what does that say about me?! I'm assuming that includes my 100 points for coming up with our team name, even so I'm surprised that I was in the Super BA territory! Guess I wasn't slacking as much as I thought. I'll have to move up a category again next time around.
1 - 4 of 66 Posts
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