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Can different goggles make you faster?

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I think so. Here's my reasoning:<br><br>
Regardless of the sport involved, your clothing and equipment can make a big difference in your speed. Not because of aerodynamics (or hydrodynamics in the pool), although obviously that plays a big role, but because of comfort. We all have that favorite pair of running shorts or those goggles that fit just right. Other shorts or goggles might work fine, but they're just not quite right - maybe they chafe, or tug around the side, or rub that bony spot just a bit.<br><br>
My point is (and no, I have no evidence as backup, I'm just spouting conjecture here) that when you use a piece of equipment that isn't quite perfect, some small part of your brain is focusing on that problem spot instead of focusing on your form or your performance. You may worry that your bike shorts are chafing and could be a problem on the run. Or that your socks are bunching up at the little toe and could cause a blister halfway through the run. All these little worries can cause you to slow down just a hair, as a portion of your focus shifts from racing to comfort.<br><br>
Nowhere will this be more apparent than in swimming. Water is so much more dense than air that even a tiny imperfection in your stroke can make a substantial difference in speed. Keeping that perfect stroke should consume all available brain power after the essential worries of sighting, swimming at the right speed, etc. If you're thinking about how uncomfortable your goggles are (or how foggy they are, or whatever), then you're *not* thinking about some part of your stroke. And you'll slow down. The only saving grace is that the swim is generally the shortest portion of a triathlon.<br><br>
So here's my unofficial list of Most Important Gear That Must Fit Right:<br><br>
o <b>Bike saddle</b> - If you can't keep your butt planted, you're losing massive time. Your speed on the bike is the biggest factor in your overall time.<br>
o <b>Helmet/glasses</b> - Every time you have to fiddle with your helmet or glasses, you'll slow down.<br>
o <b>Goggles</b> - To fiddle with these you must come to a complete stop, lucky for you the swim is the shortest part of the race.<br>
o <b>Bike shorts</b> - You should not have to sacrifice bike speed for fear of comfort issues on the run<br>
o <b>Socks</b> - For a short run no big deal, but for a long run you better not be worried about your feet.<br><br>
Most other things can be "put up with" without taking away much speed. Annoying running shorts, shirts, etc. Am I wrong?
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I think a good haircut can make you faster.
Kinda like goggles <i>and</i> a haircut!!!
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