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Camire Speaks!

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<a href="" target="_blank">Update from Dave Camire</a> at Active. I believe Dave is very sincere in his efforts to get Active straightened out.
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Sincere, unsincere who gives a ****** ****? I could give a ****.<br><br>
and ****, ***, *************, *****<br><br>
I just wish I had a choice not to use Active for some race registrations.<br><br>
I do feel bad the CR folks, since they certainly wanted it differently. But not too bad.<br><br>
Those of you who don't get the *'s from some of our lasts posts over there, they are just a joke.
Are there any negatives about this site? Other than pictures, which we seem to do fine with without ever complaining.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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