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Camire Speaks!

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<a href="" target="_blank">Update from Dave Camire</a> at Active. I believe Dave is very sincere in his efforts to get Active straightened out.
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That place is dead. I'm not sure why they even continue to try and fix it. The allure of CR was it was CR... Period. It wasn't a huge comapny trying to make money, it was just a place that had running info with a message board that was simple to use and the mods stayed out of the conversations.<br><br>
I hope the guys that sold it got a ton of money upfront, cauyse the site isn't worth the electricity it takes to keep it running. I was big in give it a chance, but quickly grew tired of it not working.<br><br>
What I'm not understanding is why they didn't set up a beta version and let us play on it before the great migration. We could have worked out the bugs BEFORE we went over.<br><br>
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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