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CamelBak--which one?

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I have a lumbar camelbak that I hate. I can never seem to get it in the right place and it hikes up my shorts. I've tried fuelbelt with similar problems. I've tried hand-held, but those throw off my balance. So, I'm wanting to try a different camelback. Suggestions on which to try?
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4 boys -<br><br>
I am glad you asked this. I am looking to replace my fuel belt, bottles are shot, and was thinking of doing the back pack style. Fuel belt is pain.<br><br>
My problem is I hate stuff on me. I don't carry keys, ipod, phone, etc etc. In the summer I have even gone as far as driving to different points on my run a putting a water bottle at a location so I can hydrate when I reach a certain mileage. (that is a pain also). You know I run with a pup so my necessary junk are the leash & her remote leash which I hook to my fuel belt.<br><br>
I am afraid I am going to invest the money in one and hate the extra baggage.<br><br>
My perfect world would be a training team mapping out all my runs, organizing all my stuff, following me on all my runs and of course someone doing my laundry while I was out. (that of course is the world where life is all about me and you & I both know it aint!! <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> )
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