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I know I seemed to be a 'stickler' on this. And even got push back from sierra on it when I first decided to implement this rule.<br><br>
I think we're ok to "Lift the ban" on Callouts - In short, I think the 'aura' of the place is such that regulars now know that it's frowned upon.<br><br>
On occasion someone will use a call out. Ignore it - let it go - I don't think many will do it - let them self police themselves at this point.<br><br>
HOWEVER - IF a callout goes negative. Step in....<br><br>
Sorry I've not been around - and I'll be around even less for awhile.<br><br>
Let's see what happens over the next 30 days on 'callouts' - my guess is we've set the tone and it should stick. IF it gets out of hand, we can always step back in...<br><br><br>
Thanks for all your help<br><br><br>
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