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Buongiorno Italia!!!

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For those of you interested in the dirty details, the report on our recent trip is <a href="" target="_blank">now online here</a>!!
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I think we were very lucky. We had lots of sun. I hear it can be quite rainy in February there but we had only one wet day.
He does that to <i>all</i> the girls. It's a family trait.<br><br>
We certainly ate in pizzerias a lot. In Italy, a "pizzeria" often serves much more than pizza but does have a wood-fires oven for making pies. The pizzeria are more like "pubs". With one person (me!) paying floor meals for five, we passed the fancier "ristoranti" in favor of the simpler pizzerias. Our kids ate pizza pretty much every time while the adults often went for past with seafood or such.<br><br>
Sorry Neil. He actually has one and wore it the otehr day in sympathy for Eduardo. Hope the guy heals.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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