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Breaking the Tape

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This has been the closest race that I have ever seen. It makes for exciting play and I'm really enjoying it. With the new wrinkle of bonus points for the "race within a race," I have to ask a few questions.<br><br>
Basically, it boils down to what will be done in the event of a tie. I doubt very much there will be an actual tie, i.e. an equal number of points among those arriving in Surf City. It could be that 2 (or more!) teams gain enough points to enter Surf City on the same day.<br><br>
1. When will the determination be made that a team has "broken the tape?" The reason I ask is that I fully support you when you say that there is no requirement that scores be speedily posted. There would be such a requirement if the determination was made, say, within a day of the points being acquired (such as how you post the leaderboard).<br><br>
2. If at least 2 teams have enough points to make to Surf City on the same day, will they receive the same amount of bonus points?<br><br>
3. If not, how will the "tie" be resolved? Most total points on that day? Earliest points are posted?<br><br>
I think you see the answers to these questions will dictate race strategy.<br><br>
Thanks for your help and for a great round of the VRAA!<br>
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Sounds fair to me. Thanks Roots.
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