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Breaking the Tape

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This has been the closest race that I have ever seen. It makes for exciting play and I'm really enjoying it. With the new wrinkle of bonus points for the "race within a race," I have to ask a few questions.<br><br>
Basically, it boils down to what will be done in the event of a tie. I doubt very much there will be an actual tie, i.e. an equal number of points among those arriving in Surf City. It could be that 2 (or more!) teams gain enough points to enter Surf City on the same day.<br><br>
1. When will the determination be made that a team has "broken the tape?" The reason I ask is that I fully support you when you say that there is no requirement that scores be speedily posted. There would be such a requirement if the determination was made, say, within a day of the points being acquired (such as how you post the leaderboard).<br><br>
2. If at least 2 teams have enough points to make to Surf City on the same day, will they receive the same amount of bonus points?<br><br>
3. If not, how will the "tie" be resolved? Most total points on that day? Earliest points are posted?<br><br>
I think you see the answers to these questions will dictate race strategy.<br><br>
Thanks for your help and for a great round of the VRAA!<br>
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Good attention to detail, Billy.<br><br>
I have been updating the standings, once per day, using my special date-limited calculation from the database. (I.e. I can sort and calculate the standings by day.) Note that today's standings reflect only through Day 12 and not the full realtime accounting through today Day 14.<br><br>
I will award the Race-within-the-race bonus points in a similar manner. Once I discover when the first team breaks the tape (at the end of a day of reporting) I will take a snapshot and figure it out.<br><br>
If more than one team breaks the tape (6,192 miles) on the same day, the following tiebreaker applies:<br><br>
A random number will be selected between 1 and 15 -- that number will represent a Day of the VRAA. The team with the greatest number of points on that randomly selected day will break the tie for the award of bonus points.<br><br>
You are right, it is not my intent to reward the teams that just happen to have the ability to post points more quickly than other teams. Thanks for the heads-up.<br><br>
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Thanks for the foresight, Billy. This exact situation will occur. I am waiting until Monday night for the weekend travelers to return home. Then I will take a snapshot of each of the "end of day" tabulations in order to determine the order of finish at mile 6,192.
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