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We discovered them on our vacation last spring in Ontario. They're now available here in Calgary. Anyone every tried one?<br><br>
They are small, about the size of a dessert plate, and come in a variety of styles: muesli, multigrain, cinnamon raisin, that sort of thing.<br><br>
Just the ticket for a smear of PB (unsweetened) or cream cheese.<br><br>
I also use the multi grain ones "on the go" for quick lunches with egg salad etc. or as a pizza for the kids.

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Haven't seen them in our neck of the woods, Grizzly. And I don't recall seeing them up here in Whistler, either. They sound very good.<br><br>
My favorite healthy convenience meal that I miss from Ontario is the roti. They sold them everywhere, tortilla filled with West Indian veggie combos and spices. yum!<br><br>
Btw, do you have Almondina there? They are a great on-the-go healthy breakfast item.
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