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Bodyfat scales

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<p>Anyone use them? Should I just use a tape measure.</p>
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<p>depends on what you want to measure. How your clothes fit, how much gravity is attached to you, or BF %?</p>
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<p>I have a Tanita Ironman scale and it's been a very consistant indicator of weight and BF. It's unclear if BF is right, but it's consistant... and it's right on when I've retained a lot of water (ala after a long event or hard training weekend.. I'll have a couple lbs of water extra and it shows it).</p>
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<p>I weight in every day. Same time, same ritual, and it helps keep me honest</p>
<p>wait 30 days and I bet there will be a lot on Craigs List :)</p>
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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