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Birthdays that suck

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I'm turning 30 next week .<br><br><img alt="sad5.gif" src="">
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THE only bad birthday I have had was last year #50... and that was only because we had a huge flood that week, we had no phone service for 2 weeks, no computer for 2 weeks and dh went to work on Tuesday that week and could get home for a few days so I had NO birthday.<br><br>
I have resolved this by having a "Do-over" this year. I refuse to age and will be celebrating my 50 birthday this year. The Party is April 19 if anyone is in the area. The actual birthday is on Patriots day- marathon Monday and I think I may take the day off and head in to watch the race.<br><br>
I figure it IS what you make of it!<br>
( 30 is nothing.. the 40's were actually the best decade I've had so far in my l life!)
OH... Maybe that's why the 40's were so fun.. I didn't know I had to<br>
1- be an adult.<br>
2- get any sort of act or otherwise together!<br><br>
You can opt out on that you know!<img alt="blush.gif" src="">
1 - 2 of 54 Posts
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