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bike position

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I just put my pedals on my bike and it feels like my position has changed. my legs feel more scrunched up. and I have to reach forward more to reach the handle bar.
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Are the pedals the same make and model? If not, what were your old pedals and what are your new pedals.<br><br>
Did you have to change your cleat? If so, did you possibly change its position?<br><br>
In addition to the adjustments suggested by mbannon, I'm thinking you will have to raise your saddle slightly. If your legs feel scrunched up, it probably means your saddle is too low relative to the top of your pedal.<br><br>
You are also probably sitting farther back on the saddle to accomidate the low relative saddle position. This would make you feel more stretched out as you reach for the handle bar.<br><br>
Of course, if you raise your saddle, the handle bar might now feel low. You will probably get used to that. Depending on your comfort level with making adjustments, you many want to consider going to the bike store where you bought the pedals and ask them to make any necessary adjustments.<br><br>
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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