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Bike overhaul

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If you remember, I purchased 6-yr old tri bike from a tri club friend last fall. She had 6 ironman (plus of course all the training) on it. It was maintained well (clean plus cable, chain and such had been replaced often) and rides very well. During a fitting, a LBS fitter suggested for a complete overhaul. It will be about $250 at this store (please don't tell me I should learn how to do this myself..) Is it worth it? When he removed some spacers, he showed me how much grease/sweat or whatever accumlated between them as a reason/proof for this overhaul. I am not planning to buy any more bike for some time and I would like to do the right thing to prolong this bike's life.<br>
Also, what he suggested was to shorten the grip of the aerobars so that I can shift without moving up my hands from a riding position. My friend (who is about my size) was obviously riding this way. It would cost another $$ to do this. Is this important to get it done?<br><br>
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I've paid $80 to get an "overhaul" of my wife's bike and they did much less than that. So that $200 seems ok. I'd make sure they leave your wheels true, it's not explicitly stated... I don't trust any of these shops<img alt="mad.gif" src="">. Though if you have the right tools, a lot of that is not difficult, the key is to have the tools, for example to dissassemble the crank and BB, or do something simple as replace a cassette or chain. I've made investments in tools since I paid the $80 and I've gotten my ROI already.<br><br>
Try another shop if possible and see what they say.
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