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Bike overhaul

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If you remember, I purchased 6-yr old tri bike from a tri club friend last fall. She had 6 ironman (plus of course all the training) on it. It was maintained well (clean plus cable, chain and such had been replaced often) and rides very well. During a fitting, a LBS fitter suggested for a complete overhaul. It will be about $250 at this store (please don't tell me I should learn how to do this myself..) Is it worth it? When he removed some spacers, he showed me how much grease/sweat or whatever accumlated between them as a reason/proof for this overhaul. I am not planning to buy any more bike for some time and I would like to do the right thing to prolong this bike's life.<br>
Also, what he suggested was to shorten the grip of the aerobars so that I can shift without moving up my hands from a riding position. My friend (who is about my size) was obviously riding this way. It would cost another $$ to do this. Is this important to get it done?<br><br>
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There are a number of wear parts on a bike that may or may not need replacement, including chain, brake pads, cables, cable housing, bearings (wheels, bottom bracket, headset) and your tires. You can just replace them all in one clump (I guess I'd want to know what an "Overhaul" consistes of) or perhaps depending on the type of weather you train in do it partly now, then finish it closer to the race season. For now, why not have the headset lubed, check wheel bearings and bottom bracket play, check chain and replace if needed to replace any frayed cables and worn brake shoes. If the bike is sticky in shifting or braking, perhaps new cable housing also. Also, ask then the remove the seatpost and lubricate so it doesn't get stuck in the seat tube. How's that sound? I generally will replace some at a time over the season but never have the time to do a complete job.
The bottom bracket and headset can't really be serviced, you throw them in the garbage. Your wheels may not have bearings that can be overhauled and serviced either, many of the non-Shimano hubs use a cartridge bearing.<br><br>
You could do re-cable, service headset, replace chain and brakepads if needed, plus check and replaced bottom bracket and pay al-a-carte.
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