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Bike measurements

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There seems to be a glut of bike questions around here right now. I thought I might add one of my own. I bought a bike last January, and the sticker on the bike said 58cm. From everything that I'm reading, it appears that a 58-frame bike is massive for little 5'10" me. When I was in a shop here in Germany recently, I commented on the size of the bike, and how it sure seemed odd that it fit me okay - to which the shop owner replied that my bike was the same size as his, and we're about the same size, so 56 sounds about right. But wait, I said, my bike is a 58. He measured the thing, and sure enough it's a 56. I'm now stuck wondering whether Europeans and North Americans measure bikes in different places, or whether I should be wary of advice from this particular shop in the future! Any ideas?<br><br>
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A 58 venture sport should measure 20.27 inches from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the top tube, going straight up with your tape measure, while the 56 should be 19.6 for the same measure.<br><br>
If it is a 58, the effective top tube is a 57cm, which would be a bit smallish for me at 6 foot plus an inch, but perhaps right for about a 5-10 ish size person. How large of a person are you? In general, that bike seems to have a somewhat shortish toptube, but I'm no expert.
The compact bikes and sloping top tubes complicate things, plus some measurments are center to center, while others are center to top. The important factor is the horizontal top tube (HTT) length. Tri bikes are a little more complicated than regular road bikes, I ride all sorts of 59-60 cm bikes on the road but ride a 56 cervelo for TT / Tris
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