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Biggest Loser - Winter Edition

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<p>A Haiku</p>
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<p>Race Season is Done</p>
<p>For most of us who need help</p>
<p>For Next Year, START NOW!</p>
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<p>CW: 189.5</p>
<p>GW: 175</p>
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<p>Ok, I am about to begin my training for the Rev3 Full in 2012 at Cedar Point.  I want to get faster on the bike and I know that the easiest way to do that is to lose weight.  Also, I'm feeling heavy and lethargic.  For me, I will probably post some measurements, too, but I am starting a slow built through October, and will really pick it up as I head to November.  I may fall off the wagon a little as I have to help my folks move, but for the short term, I will be eating better/less and starting to get back to the pool 2x per week, run at least 2x per week, and bike at least 2x per week.  I do have the Jewish Holidays' this week, but let's see how it goes!</p>
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Okay - see if I can keep myself honest during the winter. Currently about 183 - down 15+/- lbs from last winter's peak. Guess I could stand to drop 3-5 lbs (not going to happen) - but I'd like to keep weight gain under 10 lbs...<br><br>
<p>Still hanging around my end of summer weight (low 180s) - although given the relative dearth of my workouts lately, I suspect a lot of hard earned muscle is turning to fat ...</p>
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<p>If I keep it under 192 over the winter, I'll be happy. There's no way I'm LOSING weight.</p>
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