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Clothing.... in various temperatures. What do you recommend? When do the sleeves/legs come on? What temperature do you add a jacket?<br><br><b>GA</b> avg. low; avg. high<br>
NOV: 43, 63<br>
DEC: 35, 54<br>
JAN: 32,50<br>
FEB: 34, 55<br>
MAR: 52, 64<br><br>
Even though these are avg, last year it got down to 16-19 degrees for like a week. I don't anticipate me riding below freezing unless it's like life or death. It's hard enough convincing myself to run below freezing, and it's warmer to run than to ride.

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I wear shorts, but armwarmers if it's in the low 60's. Arm warmers are nice, because, I can push them down/take them off if the temps come up.<br><br>
I wear knee warmers and armwarmers if it's 55-60.<br><br>
I wear a long sleeve jersey with short sleeve under if it's below 55... also usually light tights then. I also have a nice windproof vest that I wear if it's closer to 50...<br><br>
Below 45 and I wear lots of layers, and thicker tights.<br><br>
Below 35 and I wear a balaclava (hat with mask) and lots of layers...

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Oh I almost forgot... if it's below 50, I often use some sort of shoe cover as well. If it's 40-50, something light like an old sock over the shoe will suffice. If it's below 40, Neoprine booties... however Neoprine booties are a blessing and a curse. They are comfy and warm, but your feet sweat a lot...<br><br>
This is for road cycling shoes. Mtn Biking I don't use any shoe covers, I might double up on socks.

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It's all really personal, I showed up in shorts and a windbreaker when it was 50 and was fine, others were wearing tights and heavier jackets and full gloves. After an hour they were stripping stuff off. Here is an excerpt from a thread from one of our local bike clubs, my comments are red.<br><br><span style="color:#000000;">1. Cotton kills, dont use it when cold ( no long cotton undershirts or anything like that)<br><br>
40-50 degrees:<br>
-long sleeve jersey<br><span style="color:#FF0000;">Or a short sleeve jersey with a long sleeve tech shirt under it</span><br>
-Removable leg and arm warmers.<br><span style="color:#FF0000;">I have not used these yet myself</span><br>
-long fingered gloves.<br>
-add jacket if really windy<br><span style="font-size:medium;"><span style="color:#FF0000;">I don't wear my warmest cycling gloves, instead I put an underliner under my regular cycling gloves</span></span><br><br>
32-40 degrees:<br><br>
1. Long sleeve jersey and silk long sleeve shirt<br>
2. Cycling Jacket<br>
3. Long Tights<br><span style="color:#FF0000;">I find I need a second pair of short over the tights to keep the buns a little warmer, I've got non-chamois tights and wear the chamois shorts on top</span><br>
4. Wool Socks<br>
5. shoe covers <span style="color:#FF0000;">I use the neoprene ones that only cover the front of the shoe so far they have been fine for me and they are easier to deal with</span><br>
6. Mittens<br><span style="color:#FF0000;">Balclava or ear warmer headband<br>
No mittens for me yet, underliners under my warm full fingered gloves work well, also they make what they call a lobster glove that has a little better maneuverability then mittens, don't own any myself but some swear by them. Problem is once your fingers get cold if you have to take your gloves off for a minute they are really hard to get warm again.<br></span><br>
20-32 degrees:<br><br>
-Extra layer under cycling jacket ( another silk/poly long sleeve)<br>
- maybe extra layer under tights ( silk or something not cotton)<br>
-if no balacava, face protection of some kind<br>
-chemical hand warmers in gloves and on top of feet under the shoe covers<br><span style="color:#FF0000;">I think I will pass and run on those days instead, it's nice to be a multi sporter</span><br>
Below 20 degrees:<br>
you are tougher than me.<br></span>

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well my rides are a commute ride, only out for a 1/2 hour but this is my outfits listed in the order of warmest rides to coldest rides<br><br><b>upperbody</b><br><br>
short sleve Tech<br>
long sleve tech<br>
thin sweatshirt/windshell<br>
heavy jacket/windshell<br><br>
bike gloves<br>
full finger light gloves<br>
full finger heavy gloves<br>
ski gloves<br><br>
180 ear wraps for anything under 50f since i've had frostbite on my hands and ears and feet they get cold easily<br><br>
lower body<br>
shorts, built in briefs<br>
lightweight breatheable track pants/undies<br>
sport pants with windshell<br><br><br>
feet alway have wicking socks on

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A half hour commute, isn't really long enough to warm up so you probably never get to the overheat point. If you are riding hills you can get quite warm all bundled up. It's a fine line between being overdressed and under.<br><br>
I have found so far that my butt is going to be cold no matter what at the end of the ride under 45. Fortunately my brand new CR-V has heated seats <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy">
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