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Beta Testers for Running Log

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It's that time to begin beta testing of our new running log. It isn't completed, but the basic functionality is in place. I anticipate it moving to our server over the weekend and ready to be beta tested.<br><br><b>Who qualifies to be a beta tester?:</b><br>
1. You must be at least a 'Member of the Board' to beta test.<br>
2. Any data put into the beta version <i>may be at risk</i> - do not depend on the beta version as a reliable source yet.<br>
3. You must be willing to regularly communicate on your findings, problems, results, comments, suggestions in a forum environment.<br>
4. The basic version will be running only.<br>
5. You should be running at least 25 miles a week or logging 4 to 5 times a <b>week</b> (to get a good test of the functionality<br>
6. We'd like beta testers who use all the major browsers - when you sign up, please indicate in the pm what browser you'll be using.<br><br><b>How to be selected as a beta tester.<br></b>send me a PM stating you meet all these points. AND an email address where I can contact you. Once we get the log moved to our server and ready to test, I'll send you an email and you can then begin the process.<br><br><br><b>What to expect:</b> A beta version of a running log. This means the log is about 80% ready and you will help design and determine how the last 20% goes and where we end up.<br><br><br>
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Rich, will this be going through several versions as we test it? For instance, we can call this v.1.1 and have a thread specifically for this version. Then, when the programmers make the changes and we start testing v.1.2 we can log all subsequent issues under that heading. Make sense?
Browser: Mozilla Firefox v.<br><br><b>ISSUES:</b><br>
First time adding an event: Added event but it did not show up on calendar. It showed up on second try.<br><br>
When adding a new event, the info from the last entry auto-populates the fields. But only some of the info. Some fields have a default. I'd rather see in the drop down menu a blank space as the default. That will be less confusing to a lot of people.<br><br>
Clicked 'Add Route'. Added info (Name, Distance). Clicked Add Route button and when it saved the screen showed remnants. See pic.<br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br>
This occurred again when I clicked Edit for a route and then the save button.<br><br>
Also occurred when I edited my shoe and clicked save.<br><br>
Also occurred when adding an event to calendar.<br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br><br><b>NOTES:</b><br>
The Add Route and Add Shoe links are not intuitive. I'd prefer to see a button.<br><br>
Will there be maps available when adding routes? Dynamic maps where we can map out our routes and figure out the mileage?<br><br>
For shoes, would be nice if when we're adding existing shoes already with mileage we had the option to enter the current mileage, as well as cost of shoe.<br><br>
How about adding other types of events (biking, swimming, strength training)? Rest days, health notes?<br><br>
Run Type: Will we be able to add our own types? Easy run?
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browser: IE 7<br>
OS: Windows XP v.2002<br><br>
Calendar page<br>
No grid lines on the calendar cells that have dates. When you enter an event a grid line appears on the left side of cell only. (They do appear at all times in Firefox)<br><br><br>
Would be nice to see weekly mileage total in a column in the calendar view.<br><br><span><br><i>I'm downloading Netscape to test in that browser as well.</i></span>
Browser: Mozilla Firefox 2.0<br><br>
Was able to add an event with a heart rate of 20,000.
<b>Calendar</b> allowed me to add a run with zero miles, zero time ...<br><br><b>Reports</b>: would like to see totals. For instance, when looking at the Distance by week for a particular week, would like to see the total distance, not just totals for individual days.<br><br>
(Using Firefox for this testing episode)
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