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Beta Testers for Running Log

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It's that time to begin beta testing of our new running log. It isn't completed, but the basic functionality is in place. I anticipate it moving to our server over the weekend and ready to be beta tested.<br><br><b>Who qualifies to be a beta tester?:</b><br>
1. You must be at least a 'Member of the Board' to beta test.<br>
2. Any data put into the beta version <i>may be at risk</i> - do not depend on the beta version as a reliable source yet.<br>
3. You must be willing to regularly communicate on your findings, problems, results, comments, suggestions in a forum environment.<br>
4. The basic version will be running only.<br>
5. You should be running at least 25 miles a week or logging 4 to 5 times a <b>week</b> (to get a good test of the functionality<br>
6. We'd like beta testers who use all the major browsers - when you sign up, please indicate in the pm what browser you'll be using.<br><br><b>How to be selected as a beta tester.<br></b>send me a PM stating you meet all these points. AND an email address where I can contact you. Once we get the log moved to our server and ready to test, I'll send you an email and you can then begin the process.<br><br><br><b>What to expect:</b> A beta version of a running log. This means the log is about 80% ready and you will help design and determine how the last 20% goes and where we end up.<br><br><br>
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Me too!
Ah, I input Saturday's run, then logged out after a delay (a long delay, really) then logged back in and this is how my calendar page displayed:<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br>
And nothing is "click-able" on this page. I'm going to close the tab in my browser, then try logging in again to see what happens.<br><br>
Using IE 7, Windows XP 2002 SP2
Ah, all better after closing that tab and opening a new one by clicking on "Running Log" at the top of the fora page.
I <i>think</i> I tried that and got the same, but I am not certain. If it happens again, I'll report and try the refresh. I've had this happen before at other sites, sometimes 'refresh' works and sometimes it doesn't.
Hm. I've added 3 runs from last week. I added Saturday's run first with comments and it was OK. Then I've just added the runs from Monday and Tuesday, but my comments don't go in, I just get the first character, regardless of whether I type in the comments or copy and paste them from the KR log (I was trying to save some time)<br><br>
No comments:<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br>
With comments:<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br>
Ah, sorry: IE7.0, Windows XP 2002 SP2
It did take it. I had tried editing it and adding the info again initially. It did it again for my Thursday run, too. I'll edit that now and see.
Do you think my comments issue is because I used an ampersand symbol? I use it to list who is with me, for instance "M & I" because I don't want to use people's real names in my logs to maintain their privacy. I think it's the ampersand! That's what I blame right now.
I tried it without the ampersand, and it works. That's the culprit. Some programming thing where ampersand means something in the language? The field should be considered a string, right, so we don't have to worry about characters which mean something programmatically.
I think the "end date" on the reports chart should default to the current date. And maybe have the site remember the last selection for type of chart, line vs. bar?
1 - 9 of 68 Posts
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