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Beta Testers for Running Log

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It's that time to begin beta testing of our new running log. It isn't completed, but the basic functionality is in place. I anticipate it moving to our server over the weekend and ready to be beta tested.<br><br><b>Who qualifies to be a beta tester?:</b><br>
1. You must be at least a 'Member of the Board' to beta test.<br>
2. Any data put into the beta version <i>may be at risk</i> - do not depend on the beta version as a reliable source yet.<br>
3. You must be willing to regularly communicate on your findings, problems, results, comments, suggestions in a forum environment.<br>
4. The basic version will be running only.<br>
5. You should be running at least 25 miles a week or logging 4 to 5 times a <b>week</b> (to get a good test of the functionality<br>
6. We'd like beta testers who use all the major browsers - when you sign up, please indicate in the pm what browser you'll be using.<br><br><b>How to be selected as a beta tester.<br></b>send me a PM stating you meet all these points. AND an email address where I can contact you. Once we get the log moved to our server and ready to test, I'll send you an email and you can then begin the process.<br><br><br><b>What to expect:</b> A beta version of a running log. This means the log is about 80% ready and you will help design and determine how the last 20% goes and where we end up.<br><br><br>
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Yep! Good point and it's on the list - I wanted to get it up enough to allow testing, but you're right - HOWEVER - Since the calculation doesn't know if you're doing miles or KM.. just enter KM for your routes - and even though it says, "Miles" - everything else will work. Once we do the first pass, we'll have a Miles/KM selection
Not sure - but at least your entries were there!
After you add the event and click "Add Event", then it should show up on the date you've selected.<br><br>
What Browser are you using?<br><br>
(you're not a technotard - technotards would have taken a bat to the monitor)
Let me look at your log.. Have you already made an entry?
I just entered your race from yesterday - check it and see if it's there.<br><br><br><i>(patience dear - no need to use the "!" - that's why we call it beta <b>TESTING</b>) <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"></i>
Yep - this is 1.1 Once we submit first set of changes, we'll mark it accordingly
<b>Jill</b>: we're aware of the Firefox issue already - if you click on the tab again for whichever field does it, it'll straighten out. Still working on that.<br><br><b>Joplus:</b> As to the other questions and features - different ones will be added in the final version. We'll discuss that as we get there.<br><br><br>
As far as bugs - I'd actually prefer - IF Possible - to have your browser and OS on every post (perhaps small print on your signature?<br><br><br>
could be a firewall issue? what browser version are you using?
yeah.. but I can look at yours too!<br><br><i>how in the hell can you guys turn beta testing of a log into sex is BEYOND ME!<br><br>
I'll post a thread later that will allow us to post some changes for the next cut.<br><br>
Beta testing will continue all this week as developer won't be available until 17th to do any changes. Continue posting problems - observations, etc here and try to work with each other in resolving any quirks.<br><br><br>
You each can log in to one anothers log - so feel free to ask for assistance or input.<br><br><br>
Watch for the Ver 1.2 punch list thread later today or this evening.<br><br><br>
Thanks all!<br><br><br>
what happens if you 'refresh'?
good test! need to make sure 0 entries aren't allowed!
damn.. your heart is STRONG!!! (I didn't set up limits on what is acceptable - I'd ASSUME people would put in what it is) <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy">
I went in to your log and edited the entry and it looks as if they stuck...<br><br>
try editing the other and see if it takes it
I dunno - I know the developer tested on mac and once my stuff gets down here from Iowa, I'll be able to use MAC to test. I do have safari on my computer (windows based) though
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