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Beginner 10K - WK9

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I ran my first 7miler yesterday and it went pretty well. Below is my run report that I posted in the RMAD's thread yesterday.<br><br>
My run started a little after 5 this morning. I walked out of my garage with my bottled water, cell phone, iPod, and stop watch. It was very quiet and it was a clear starry morning. Yesterday, someone reminded me to layer and I was very glad I remembered to do that. I got my stuff placed in various pockets and began walking to the start while donning my gloves. When I reached the starting point, I started the stopwatch and began slowly. Since 7 miles was a new distance for me, I didn't want to go too fast in the beginning (not that I run fast anyway - you KWIM). The first 3 miles were surprisingly easy. So I pushed a little on the uphills and tried to move a little faster on the downhills. On the flats, I tried to stretch out my legs a bit (kinda hard when you're short :rolleyes<img alt="smile.gif" src=""> or pick up the pace a bit. On my turnaround into Mile 4, I noticed the sky changing colors. It was beautiful. Just above the houses, you could see the horizon turning a beautiful pink/orangy color followed by lavendar and merging into the indigo morning sky with stars still dotting the canvas. It was gorgeous. Miles 4 and 5 weren't as easy, but they weren't as difficult either. I just tried to maintain a constant pace. Mile 6 I could feel myself slowing down. I took a few swigs of water and kept moving. Mile 7 I had alternating thoughts of 'it's almost over' and 'I ran 7miles'. I finished in 2:08:43. DH couldn't believe I did it. This is my peak week, but since I have several weeks btwn the end of this week and the 10K, I'll probably do the last three weeks again so I get to run the 7 again! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br>
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What I love about reading any running reports is runing 1 mile is as important to an individul as running 26 is to another.<br><br>
congrats on your 7 miler Chosha...going even one step farther than we have ever gone before is so is pleasure to have you on my side in the VRAA
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