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Beginner 10K - WK9

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I ran my first 7miler yesterday and it went pretty well. Below is my run report that I posted in the RMAD's thread yesterday.<br><br>
My run started a little after 5 this morning. I walked out of my garage with my bottled water, cell phone, iPod, and stop watch. It was very quiet and it was a clear starry morning. Yesterday, someone reminded me to layer and I was very glad I remembered to do that. I got my stuff placed in various pockets and began walking to the start while donning my gloves. When I reached the starting point, I started the stopwatch and began slowly. Since 7 miles was a new distance for me, I didn't want to go too fast in the beginning (not that I run fast anyway - you KWIM). The first 3 miles were surprisingly easy. So I pushed a little on the uphills and tried to move a little faster on the downhills. On the flats, I tried to stretch out my legs a bit (kinda hard when you're short :rolleyes<img alt="smile.gif" src=""> or pick up the pace a bit. On my turnaround into Mile 4, I noticed the sky changing colors. It was beautiful. Just above the houses, you could see the horizon turning a beautiful pink/orangy color followed by lavendar and merging into the indigo morning sky with stars still dotting the canvas. It was gorgeous. Miles 4 and 5 weren't as easy, but they weren't as difficult either. I just tried to maintain a constant pace. Mile 6 I could feel myself slowing down. I took a few swigs of water and kept moving. Mile 7 I had alternating thoughts of 'it's almost over' and 'I ran 7miles'. I finished in 2:08:43. DH couldn't believe I did it. This is my peak week, but since I have several weeks btwn the end of this week and the 10K, I'll probably do the last three weeks again so I get to run the 7 again! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br>
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Chosha, fabulous job on the 7 miles! That seemed like a huge milestone when I did it last year. It <i>is</i> a huge milestone <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> You'll do an excellent job on your 10K. Water tastes so good during a long run!<br><br>
I like your Louis L'Amour quote. I believe I've read all his books.
OK, I responded, click on the Post button, and it never posted. Hours it sat there and didn't post. So, basically I said I'm feeling much better, thank you both, and that Elmer Kelton is another good western writer if you want something else to read.<br><br>
I'll be trying 5 miles today, hoping my running buddy is willing and not whiny about going a longer distance on a Monday, sometimes he is. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Good workouts for all of you!
Well, I hope everyone had a good day yesterday.<br><br>
I didn't get 5 miles in, just 4, but we were constrained by our route. Not a big deal. I did have to walk a couple times (hills! combined with lingering congestion kept me down) but I'm definitely much better. This is the first real week of getting on schedule for the 1/2 marathon at the end of May so no more slacking off for me <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Good luck on the 6, Beet! You'll do fine <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
I got 5 in yesterday, no hills, and it went OK. Walked a couple seconds past a dog which ignored me nicely, but I didn't know if she would, and she was off-leash. Otherwise, ran all the way. I only have a little lingering congestion which will probably be gone by the weekend.<br><br>
Today, I need to do some running to put in some VRAA points, but I don't know how far I'll go. My running buddy won't be running today, so my motivation lacks a bit of oomph <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
4 on Monday ('cause of the route change) and 5 yesterday (which was Tuesday <img alt="smile.gif" src="">)<br><br>
I keep an eye on them, but don't stare them down. Just don't turn your back on an aggressive dog. That's when they are more likely to bite. This dog was doing her thing, but I wanted to be sure. I've come across some dogs (unleashed) who were quite aggressive, but not to the point of biting as long as I was facing them. I have cussed a woman out before for it. She was apologetic, but I was not giving her any slack. Told her I'd call animal control if it happened again.
Definitely better this week than last week, Birdie. It sounds like you are doing well, and managing your pace in training by trying to pay closer attention. I think you'll do really well in your race. I understand why you would go faster without a stroller, but I found that slowing down helped me a whole lot for the longer runs, and made my shorter runs faster without my trying as hard.<br><br>
Now, I have to get better about deliberately going faster on my shorter runs. That will take some work for me. It's more difficult because my running buddy's pace is about an 8-8:15m/m and I'm at about 10. So, I tend to start out too fast with him. But I'd rather have a fast buddy than no buddy at all, so I'll have to work it out somehow.<br><br>
chosha, dogs aren't usually too bad, but seeing someone running brings their chase and bite instincts to the fore, so you have to keep that in mind if someone doesn't seem to have their dog under control or a dog alone.<br><br>
Great job finishing week 9! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
Last night was a 6 mile run, finished in 1:02:07, which is a pretty good pace for me over that distance. We're following a plan to work up to the 1/2 marathon at the end of May. That's the shortest long run on the plan, every week it increases (the long run) except for cutback weeks. Next week 7 miles, 8 miles the following week...etc.<br><br>
Good runs folks!
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Kick Ass, Birdie! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> That's great! You can totally reach that 27:30 next year!!
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