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Beginner 10K - WK9

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I ran my first 7miler yesterday and it went pretty well. Below is my run report that I posted in the RMAD's thread yesterday.<br><br>
My run started a little after 5 this morning. I walked out of my garage with my bottled water, cell phone, iPod, and stop watch. It was very quiet and it was a clear starry morning. Yesterday, someone reminded me to layer and I was very glad I remembered to do that. I got my stuff placed in various pockets and began walking to the start while donning my gloves. When I reached the starting point, I started the stopwatch and began slowly. Since 7 miles was a new distance for me, I didn't want to go too fast in the beginning (not that I run fast anyway - you KWIM). The first 3 miles were surprisingly easy. So I pushed a little on the uphills and tried to move a little faster on the downhills. On the flats, I tried to stretch out my legs a bit (kinda hard when you're short :rolleyes<img alt="smile.gif" src=""> or pick up the pace a bit. On my turnaround into Mile 4, I noticed the sky changing colors. It was beautiful. Just above the houses, you could see the horizon turning a beautiful pink/orangy color followed by lavendar and merging into the indigo morning sky with stars still dotting the canvas. It was gorgeous. Miles 4 and 5 weren't as easy, but they weren't as difficult either. I just tried to maintain a constant pace. Mile 6 I could feel myself slowing down. I took a few swigs of water and kept moving. Mile 7 I had alternating thoughts of 'it's almost over' and 'I ran 7miles'. I finished in 2:08:43. DH couldn't believe I did it. This is my peak week, but since I have several weeks btwn the end of this week and the 10K, I'll probably do the last three weeks again so I get to run the 7 again! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br>
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Oh, it didn't lightning during the race...thank goodness. The reason that they started the race so quickly actually was to fit it in between storms. The sirens hadn't gone off in 15 minutes which is the rule of thumb down here. Thanks for the kudos though. Chosha, way to go on the 7 miles...I can't believe that in a few weeks I will be there too. I have been reading a Jeff Galloway book on running and he keeps emphasizing enjoying your runs and the sounds like your runs exactly fits his descriptions of a successful long run. Intensebeet...I sure hope you shake that cold off soon. How are you feeling Gingerbread?
I got in wk5d1 this morning. We got a late start since we are still adjusting to the time change...thank goodness it was a cooler day today. I went really slow today...long run pace...for the scheduled 4 miles. I am still a bit tired and sore from this weekend. I need to rest the day before my 5 mile race and not worry about VRAA so much. I guess I just got caught up in the start of the game.<br><br>
This afternoon dd and I are going to try out the new bike rack I got for the car and take the bike to the blimp base. The Goodyear Blimps live near us and they built a 5.5 marked bike/running/skating path around the base. No intersections or cars sounds great to me. I also need to see how I am with speed and distance on the bike. I am contemplating a sprint tri in august so I really need to get out on that bike.<br><br>
I do my first hill workout tomorrow Chosha....<img alt="sad.gif" src=""> I have zero hills nearby so I will be on the treadmill at the Y. I sure hope they go quick.
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Just got done with my first hill workout (wk5d2). I loved the hills! At first I was like, only two miles...but then once I got going I was sweating up a storm. It was such an awesome workout. I had to do the hills on the treadmill which I think works well for me since I am very particular knowing exactly how far I am going (I religiously map all running routes for as exact a distance I can manage). I did a 5 minute brisk walking warmup then started my usual running pace. Next I raised the incline 5% for 1/4 a mile then lowered it back down to zero incline for 1/4 and repeated 4 times. I didn't slow down my pace but it was funny cause usually that pace would really tire me out during my beginning running days but today it was a break like I was walking or something.<br><br>
Way to go Gingerbread! You'll be back into the swing of things soon.
Sounds like everyone is having a better week than last week. I just finished up wk5d3 which was only a 3 mile run today. It just amazes me that now a 3 mile is a short easy run while a few short weeks ago it was hard to finish. I am really trying to keep my pace for my steady runs and long runs within the training ranges on the MacMillian predictor and today I did it no problem. I am hoping to shave some time off my next 5k. I have been doing long runs too fast and training runs too slow. I think some of it has to do with pushing the stroller on training runs and running alone on long runs...I just automatically go faster not pushing the stroller. This week I have another 4 mile run to go and next week is my 5 mile race...gulp!
Just a quick pop in to see how everyone's weekend was going. I did a last minute 5k this morning. It was along the beach during pretty. Anyways I hadn't planned on doing the race and dh asked me if I had a race this weekend and I said no. He said well, isn't there one? I said that there was one and he encouraged me to do it. Well I am glad I did because I got a PR! And better than a PR is that I reached my one year goal time. I still have a ways to go but I finally broke 30 minutes with a finish time of 29:41. Now I need to set a new goal time. I think I will set it at 27:30 for the next year.
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