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Here's an interesting game of sorts.<br><br>
Each post in reply has to consist of two parts.<br><br><b>The first:</b><br><br>
Says something about the previous poster.<br><br><b>The second:</b><br><br>
Sets the bar for the next poster to meet.<br>
vvv<br><br><br><b>An example:</b><br><br>
I'm responding to Torque. His post ended with "vvv Has sung an anthem at a sporting event"<br><br>
I sang on several occasions for the Expos, so I would write:<br><br>
^^^ Has a port star moustache (about Torque)<br>
[ Story or explanation if required, but not necessary ]<br>
vvv Has never had a moving traffic violation (about the next poster)<br><br>
If you meet that criteria you'd post next. Got it?<br><br><br>
Here goes.<br><br>
^^^ [No previous poster]<br>
vvv Has gotten lost on a run

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^^^ is a beer snob<br><br>
VVV has run over 10 marathons
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