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All right I will get this started...<br><br>
La Crosse, Wi reporting for duty
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I am really enjoying this January thaw - Too bad - It will come to an end soon.<br><br>
Mother Nature or if you prefer Old Man Winter - thank you for the reprieve, but I am ready - You may slow me down, but you will not stop me from running!<br><br>
Hmmmm, I feel a beastly winter storm brewing <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Hey guys,<br>
Another Madisonian here. Say, anybody out running on the lakes or am I the only one? Its pretty sweet although picnic point area of Mendota is thin, thin, thin!
also anybody planning on the mc200 relay? I'm thinking about doing it but I'm not sure.
my hands were rrrreeeeaaalllly cold this morning when i was out.. and i only ran 4. sigh.
Pardon me for intruding...I live in Nebraska. But my DH grew up in Kenosha. We had a lovely camping vacation in Door County in 2006. I really want to do that again and include a race the next time. The cold is awful, but you all have a beautiful state in August!
Racine Checking In! The winter has kicked my butt.
has anyone run the GB marathon (or has plans to)? i missed about 2 weeks of training d/t to this stupid flu and plus finances are a little tight.. and then i looked and saw the GB marathon is 2 weeks after the pig.. and right in my backyard! just wondering if anyone has any experience.. seems like a well-organized, flat course <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
I've run the full 3 times and the half once and the 4 miler which is now a 5k.<br>
Course is flat and fast (both my 1/2 PR and marathon PR), maybe a little boring, VERY organized. I won't run this year as it seems that I will be the support team/crew as everyone and their mother will run this year, the dh says I should "sit out". <img alt="huh.gif" src="">
I agree with the Foxy Lady.<br><br>
If you want a good PR course, well run, enough runners to have people to run with, but not so many it keeps you from running your race - Green Bay is your race.<br><br>
I may jog the 1/2 this year, just to drink all the free title town beer and eat free bratz <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
ok fellow beer runners. who is running what races this summer? i have a flurry of small races followed by a goal marathon at lakefront in oct. am i going to see anyone else out there? <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
6/25 Super run 5k, milwaukee<br>
6/28 10k in Kenosha<br>
7/4 Firecracker 4 miler<br>
7/10 Storm the Bastille 5k<br>
7/19 Fishday 8k<br>
8/10 CDC 1/2 mary<br>
8/30 Badgerland 20k<br>
9/20 Brigg and al 10k<br>
10/5 Lakefront marathon
No Lighthouse 10 miler in Racine?<br><br>
your pal,<br><br>
Missy - How's the summer going?<br><br>
Enjoy the 20k next weekend - A great race - Low key but Great. I have to go to the Badger game and drink beer instead <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Superior 50 Mile Sept 6th<br><br>
Octoberfest 5 mile or half in La crosse on Oct 5 ? Date could be wrong<br><br>
Possibly Rails to Trails Marathon Sparta Nov 2<br><br>
Another possiblity is Tecumseh Trail Marathon Indiana Dec 2 (date could be wrong by a day plus or minus)

Superior 50 Mile Sept 6th<br><br><br>
Possibly Rails to Trails Marathon Sparta Nov 2<br><br>
I am keeping this weekend open for you Richard, but ... I would like a couple week notice.<br><br>
Have a great time @ Superior 50M<br><br>
Me ...<br>
August 9th was Paavo Nurmi Marathon<br>
Sept 6th - Maybe a 5k - Hilbert Cheesehead<br>
Sept 21st Fox Cities Marathon<br>
October 11th - Maybe Whistle Stop Marathon<br>
November 2nd Maybe Rails to Trails (Up to Richard)
hi flounder! i ran the 20k last year and really enjoyed it so i'm looking forward to improving my time. i'm no longer running lakefront as an injury derailed some of my training.. so now i'm aiming for philly.<br><br>
the rest of my summer looks like:<br>
8/30 badgerland 20k<br>
9/20 brigg 8k or if i can't run that, then<br>
9/28 komen race for the cure 5k<br>
10/25 discovery 15k<br>
11/4 jingle bell 5k <img alt="uhoh2.gif" src=""><br>
11/23 philly marathon<br><br>
enjoy the badger game and beer <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
Menomonee Falls here.<br><br>
10/4/2008 - 10k trail race at Lapham Peak<br>
10/19/2088 - 5k in the falls<br>
11/4/2008 - 6k or 15k trail race west of Madison
Sept 21- fox cities<br><br>
forced layoff <img alt="roll_eyes.gif" src=""> 3-6 weeks depending on how many procedures <img alt="sad.gif" src=""><br><br>
spring 2009: HIM<br>
summer: bellin 10k<br>
fall: full IM
What procedures?<br><br>
I do notice that you have went to the dark side (IM)<br><br>
Wisconsin IM?<br><br>
I am trying to get Alex to run the Bellin with me this year
Our local pace coordinator is a little desparate for pace leaders, I am thinking about pacing a group for Fox Cities.<br><br>
Lapham peak - Do you have a link to an entry form? I have a friend around there I need to visit.<br><br>
Missy - Good luck at Philly<br><br>
I did make the cut for the Ice Breaker in door marathon in January -
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