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Beer Runners Unite (state of Wisconsin)

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All right I will get this started...<br><br>
La Crosse, Wi reporting for duty
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Looks like we may have a WI hater in house - Or maybe just a drunkard who runs -<br><br><br>
I spent 2.5 non-sober years at UW-LAX<br><br>
No I have spent the last 3 way to sober years in Neeeeeha - As in where the hell is Neeeeeha!
I am really enjoying this January thaw - Too bad - It will come to an end soon.<br><br>
Mother Nature or if you prefer Old Man Winter - thank you for the reprieve, but I am ready - You may slow me down, but you will not stop me from running!<br><br>
Hmmmm, I feel a beastly winter storm brewing <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
I agree with the Foxy Lady.<br><br>
If you want a good PR course, well run, enough runners to have people to run with, but not so many it keeps you from running your race - Green Bay is your race.<br><br>
I may jog the 1/2 this year, just to drink all the free title town beer and eat free bratz <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Missy - How's the summer going?<br><br>
Enjoy the 20k next weekend - A great race - Low key but Great. I have to go to the Badger game and drink beer instead <img alt="smile.gif" src="">

Superior 50 Mile Sept 6th<br><br><br>
Possibly Rails to Trails Marathon Sparta Nov 2<br><br>
I am keeping this weekend open for you Richard, but ... I would like a couple week notice.<br><br>
Have a great time @ Superior 50M<br><br>
Me ...<br>
August 9th was Paavo Nurmi Marathon<br>
Sept 6th - Maybe a 5k - Hilbert Cheesehead<br>
Sept 21st Fox Cities Marathon<br>
October 11th - Maybe Whistle Stop Marathon<br>
November 2nd Maybe Rails to Trails (Up to Richard)
What procedures?<br><br>
I do notice that you have went to the dark side (IM)<br><br>
Wisconsin IM?<br><br>
I am trying to get Alex to run the Bellin with me this year
Our local pace coordinator is a little desparate for pace leaders, I am thinking about pacing a group for Fox Cities.<br><br>
Lapham peak - Do you have a link to an entry form? I have a friend around there I need to visit.<br><br>
Missy - Good luck at Philly<br><br>
I did make the cut for the Ice Breaker in door marathon in January -
Hey Sue - I will see you at the start line (FCM) - I am pacing my sister - She is coming in from San Diego and we are hoping to break 4:30.<br><br>
I pray what ever "Procedures" you are having done go well -
I love meeting my virtual friends - I'll have to touch base the week before. I am looking forward to having something to train for in January.
Enjoy the frozen 1/2M at winter carnival - I hope its above zero.
Lived in La Crosse 1990-1992 UW-L<br><br>
That weekend will not be busy<br>
SAT - Kenosha marathon<br>
SUN - Eau Claire or La Crosse marathon<br><br>
A person could do a nice double - I can do neither this year as Green Bay 5/17 is my goal marathon.
Been awhile since beer or booze has passed through these lips (Since end of April) ... Sunday will be the Day<br><br><img alt="banana.gif" src="">
Hi Sporti !<br><br>
Need to cut back on the beer / booze, but ... this weekend is a relay with lots of drinking after and next TH-SA is a trip to the dells with the no good brother and sister in law - Drinking mandatory - I guess I will start the less is more on Nov 1st.
1 - 15 of 58 Posts
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