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Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon, March 30.

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I've been thinking about signing up for this event as a good shock therapy for my Boston Marathon training. I figure if I can survive this race then Boston will be a piece of cake three weeks later. Anybody ever run it or know anybody who did? I need to decide in the next few days.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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Ralph and I ran it last year. Ralph ran the full and I ran the Honorary (14+).<br>
We loved this whole experience. Personally, I wouldn't go unless my main reason for going was to honor those who lost their lives or worse in the Bataan Death March. This "race" is a "march" first, the race part is secondary.<br><br>
The course is gorgeous. The terrain is challenging. The participants tough. The support marvelous.<br><br>
Last year we had ideal weather. But there was a windstorm a day before or after (I can't remember) And I doubt it would have been very pleasant in the desert in a windstorm...<br><br>
The full marathon goes up a mountain, the honorary march goes up a little hill. Both the full and the honorary have a mile or so in ankle deep sand. Quite challenging.<br><br>
Stevie Ray did very well. Ralph and I met our goals. It was an indescribable experience.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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