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Guys.. I am working on a 'development' site for - working on the front page, etc... To that extent, we have a 'backup' forum in case we get hacked over the next 8 days while I'm on vacation.<br><br>
There are no forums set up other than one large one. Likewise, I've NOT moved your user accounts (don't have the time)...<br><br>
IF we get hacked, go there and register. I've set sierra up as admin so she'll activate you.<br><br>
Mark this url and then you can notify people (via coolrunning or anyway else)<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Remember, it's development so it may be buggy. .but you'll have a place to hang out.<br><br><br>
have fun and HOPEFULLY, you won't need to use it!<br><br>
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