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Awesome Race Belt

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I just wanted to share a great product with everyone. My friend bought one of these at the EXPO at our HM, and she used it in the race. She had several things in it, including her cell phone, and she said it did not bounce at all! Amazing! I have a Fuel Belt with the little pouch that is removable, and I can't even wear it because it drives me crazy bouncing. This one stays next to your body. When there is nothing in it, the pouch just kind of bunches up and stretches out as part of the belt where you don't really see it (hard to tell in the photo). It stretches to hold a ton of stuff, though (gels, keys, cell phone, ipod, etc...). You can get a couple clips (.50, but they were free at the expo) to clip your race number to it. I should have bought one at the expo because they had a deal if you bought two (and my friend was already buying one), but I didn't think I needed another race belt. This one is really cool, though. Check it out.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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looks like a cool belt--very tempting--I just dont have the $20 right now...<img alt="sad.gif" src="">--love the color choices though!
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