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Meet-ups! Woot! I've been terribly negligent over the years with those. Have met Thor, John Intorcio, Muffin Queen (Terry), and someone from wayyyy back whose name escapes me! Glad that this group still makes it happen...

Glad the bibs (or pad) agreed with you, Zoj. Not sure how it works for a woman, but the top is definitely taut on most of mine (some with shorter arm straps it feels like). Luck of the draw and cut, I think. But - a big plus in cold weather riding (no draft up the back), and I definitely think they help the shorts shifting around.

Had a good bagelry crew ride yesterday (13 riders - biggest of the year so far, with a few people I haven't seen in a long time). Not the best route on the back half, but still great to have company. Really appreciated catching up with one guy who is probably the person I talk to the most out of the lot ... I ride with him solo after work every now and then as well. But - tough/busy year for him, so he hasn't been out until this past weekend. We made tentative plans to ride a century up to Maine and catch the train back with the bike, which will be cool... We'll see if it pans out, but should be a really nice ride on the Eastern Trail with some good (rideable) unpaved trail paths.

Intended to ride today, but mentally exhausted from some things - so decided to stack a bit of wood instead.

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