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I was thinking of doing a family vacation in late march and initially was going to go to Tucson, but golly it's expensive. I was think Atlanta might be a decent bet--are there places within say an hour of the city that would be nice for some family outdoors activities and perhaps a bike ride or two for dad? Would stone mountain park be a decent bet?
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Ohhhhhhhh I'm gonna have so much fun with JR he won't KNOW what hit him! Can anyone say GA Gaps?<br><br>
Yes! LOTS to do in ATL!<br><br>
We even have the world's largest aquarium! Stone mountain is good for the whole family and provides a nice challenging run and bike ride.<br><br>
Jeebus. You may need to call me laterz.
Lanier is filling up again!
Heck YES!
Heh...I did most of my IMFL training there. FLAT! That's where I ran my TT too.
I know 6 flags is open first week of april...might be open earlier on weekends.
I think this is JR's super-secret way of avoiding the meeting with Tithers...I'm deeply hurt! <img alt="sad2.gif" src="">
I'm spicey. Just sayin' Plus...atlanta has many stores with spice aisles. Just sayin' again!
I challenge you to Whole Foods! Maybe we'll run into Alton Brown...he films at the one in Marietta!
Ron-JR doesn't know what he's missin'!<br><br>
Speaking of which-when are you coming down?
Do your kids have loving "aunties" that would LOVE to babysit them?!? <img alt="banana.gif" src="">
Ha...I LOVE KyleMcM's little girl! I call myself her unofficial auntie! She's so getting a gift from Auntie Sherry when we go to GCT.<br><br>
Don wants a kid-I tell him he needs practice. You drop the baby off...I can only promise I'll do my best.
1 - 11 of 34 Posts
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