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Atlanta Advice

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I was thinking of doing a family vacation in late march and initially was going to go to Tucson, but golly it's expensive. I was think Atlanta might be a decent bet--are there places within say an hour of the city that would be nice for some family outdoors activities and perhaps a bike ride or two for dad? Would stone mountain park be a decent bet?
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Hiking in the mountains, along the AT. Helen is a touristy little German village in NE GA. Dahlonaga is also nice, military college there, lots of places to hike, mountain bike, camp.<br><br>
Hike Brasstown Bald - highest point in GA, I think you can see 5 states from the top or something like that.<br><br>
If it's warm enough, you could go rafting on the Chatahootche River (shoot the hootch!).<br><br>
Stone Mtn is a nice day trip I think. It's been years since I've been there. There's an indoor ice skating rink.<br><br>
Zoo Atlanta is also worthwhile. The High Museum of Art is too, if you are into that sort of thing.<br><br>
I grew up in Gainesville, (45 min NE of Atlanta) so this is bringing back memories!<br><br>
Edited to add: you also aren't far from Chatanooga, TN - AWESOME aquarium there, really top notch. It's a beautiful drive, too. I'm sure I'll think of other things.<br><br>
Lake Lanier - if there's still water in it! - lots to do on the lake. Rent a pontoon boat and cruise the family around all day. There's a water park somewhere near Buford, can't remember exactly, but if you google Lake Lanier, you'll find it.
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Head north or northeast into the mountains. It's beautiful!
JR - if you are in Brunswick, you have to take the ferry (from St. Mary's, I think) over to Cumberland Island for the day. It's a beautiful place, lots of nature trails, old ruins (Carnegie homes, I think), pristine beaches, forests... I camped out there as a kid for a week, it was wonderful.<br><br>
You'll also be close to the Okefenokee Swamp, maybe a fun airboat ride.
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