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I was thinking of doing a family vacation in late march and initially was going to go to Tucson, but golly it's expensive. I was think Atlanta might be a decent bet--are there places within say an hour of the city that would be nice for some family outdoors activities and perhaps a bike ride or two for dad? Would stone mountain park be a decent bet?
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will the weather be generally tolerable late march? I was think I would like to be outside of the traffic of the city, maybe an hour or more and near someplace nice for the family. Is there a general direction from the city that would be good?
I'm mostly intereste3d in finding a nice place for my family with stuf to do nearby, I can take care of the bike riding as long as the traffic isn't dangerous
running stone mountain, har har. I'll be starting back running on the treadmill at zero point zero incline.
Well, I'm not a huge planner and dweller when it comes to vacations, I ended up changing my mind and going for Brunswick GA, we are going to stay at this goofy hostel in the forest with treehouses, sounds like a timewarp for sure. I expect it will be fun, plus the water is plenty close by and some soft trails to run on, so no worries, plus it's dirt cheap--here's description, thanks for the help sorry to be fickle:<br><br>
We have 8 treehouses/huts (top and bottom peacock, screen hut, elmo’s treehouse, bamboo treehouse, honeymoon treehouse, pool hut, and the dragons lair) and a two story bunk house called the corral on top and the palapa on bottom. The bunk house and all of the treehouses have power with the exception of the screen hut and the dragon’s lair, although each of those have plenty of candles for evening light. Each of the peacock rooms have 3 single beds. The screen hut and elmo’s treehouse each have a double bed that comfortablly sleeps two. The bamboo and pool hut also each have one double bed as well as one thick foam mattress that will sleep one more. The honeymoon and dragon’s lair each have queen beds, while the honeymoon has 4 extra foam mattresses making it perfect for families or small groups that want to be together.<br><br>
We have 3 outdoor showers with steaming hot water. These showers drain directly onto the forest floor, so we ask all of our guests to use the Dr. Bronner’s Organic Soaps that we provide for a more ecologically sound showering experience.<br><br>
We offer food storage space in a communal area that includes a refrigerator/freezer as well as a full kitchen that you are welcome to use anytime that we’re not cooking dinner. We also provide a grand array of spices, herbs, and teas, as well as organic fairtrade coffee each morning.
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The grand array of spices is what swayed me.
I highly doubt they offer "a grand array", as does the hostel in the forest. /
Thaks, Beth I think I'll do that. I'm going to leave the bike home and try to do some jogging and not lose too much fitness, at least it's not Disney.
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