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Around the Bay 30K

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This year will be my sixth year running it. Every spring I look forward to ATB. The grim reaper. High five-ing the little guy playing Queen. The big hill at 26km. The flat and fast first 10km.<br><br>
Anyone else running Around the Bay 30K this March 30th? The race is nearly sold out, so if you're planning to do this one now is probably the time to sign up.
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Ran ATB last year and had a blast. Really enjoyed, "dishpan alley" (near the start) where kids clanging spoon and pots as they cheered runners along. The rolling hills between 22-25 and the final dip at the 27th left an impression. So did the dip leading into Copps caught me surprise.<br><br>
Unfortunately, I won't be there but I have no doubt that you'll have a blast.<br><br>
Good times.<br><br>
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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