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me: you should do some work.<br>
anti-me: screw that, suck-up!<br>
me: they are paying you.<br>
anti-me: it doesn't mean I'm their slave.<br>
me: how do you explain the lash marks?<br>
anti-me: I like it rough?

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Me: Maybe going out and drinking a shit ton of cask ales isn't the best thing when you're getting sick<br>
Moira: I knew you'd flake out!<br>
Me: Well maybe just for a couple, but what about that run I'd like to do tomorrow a.m.<br>
Moira: Suck it up!

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Anti-Me: You shouldn't be allowed to touch a baseball. You're an insult to the game.<br>
Me: Come on! I'll take you on, right here! Right now! Come on!<br>
Multi-Mes: Yeah!<br>
Anti-Me: I play on a real diamond. You ain't good enough to lick the dirt off our cleats.<br>
Me: Watch it, jerk!<br>
Anti-Me: Shut up, idiot!<br>
Me: Moron!<br>
Anti-Me: Scab eater!<br>
Me: Butt sniffer!<br>
Anti-Me: Pus licker!<br>
Me: Fart smeller!<br>
Anti-Me: You eat dog crap for breakfast, geek!<br>
Me: You mix your Wheaties with your mama's toe jam!<br>
Multi-Mes: Yeah!<br>
Anti-Me: You bob for apples in the toilet! And you like it!<br>
Me: You play ball like a <b><i>giiirrrrrrrrl</i></b>!<br><br><i>[shocked silence]</i><br><br>
Anti-Me: What did you say?<br>
Me: You heard me.<br>
Anti-Me: Tomorrow. Noon, at our field. Be there, buffalo-butt breath.<br>
Me: Count on it, pee-drinking crap-face!

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Me: I have an iron strong will<br>
Anti-me: You know you want something fatting.<br>
Me: Shhh- I refuse to give in.<br>
Anti-me: There are pizza places that do deliver...with sodas.<br>
Me: I should do more core workouts<br>
Anti-me: You want pizza<br>
Me: NO!! GO AWAY!!!<br>
Anti-me: mmmmmmmm pizza!!<br>
Me: DAMNIT!! I said shut up!!!<br>
Anti-me: You could always order a pizza with extra cheese and veggies...<br>
Me: And then do extra crunches....<br>
Anti-Me: <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br>
Me: Oh stop grinning and hand me the friggin phone!<br><br>
**I love it when I give in...

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Me: I can't believe my head could hurt this much for this long. Waaaaaaahhhhh.<br>
Anti-Me: Suck it up and prep your class for tomorrow!<br>
Me: But I can't even focus!<br>
Anti-Me: Think how bad you'll focus tomorrow morning with a headache <b>and</b> no prep notes!<br>
Me: My class is nice, they'll understand, they'll give me a break.<br>
Anti-Me: <Carrie's Mom's voice> They're all gonna laugh at you!<br>
Me: Nunh unh! Ow. Waaaaaaahhhh.

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Me: Hi, Dan!<br><br>
Anti-me: Just what the hell do you mean by that?<br><br>
Me: Uh, nothing. I just wanted to say hello <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Anti-me: You make me sick with all that nice crap! Don't the people in the PRT realize that you're capable of thinking and doing all sorts of hateful things?<br><br>
Me: I suppose that's starting to become evident to them.<br><br>
Anti-me: And you can be really stupid too!<br><br>
Me: I suppose you're right about that<br><br>
Anti-me : Damn straight I'm right! Tell me something I don't know!<br><br>
Me: That might be difficult.<br><br>
Anti-me: You know.... although you're far from perfect.... you're a nice guy and I must confess.... I like you.<br><br>
Me: <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Anti-me: <img alt="smile.gif" src="">

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:Gawd you're fat!<br>
Well, yeah.. I know I've gotten a little fluffier since ...<br>
:A <i>little</i> fluffy?<br>
I mean.. I ran a half marathon! What more do you want?<br>
:Maybe lay off the chick fi la once in a while.. you don't HAVE to have a chicken sandwich<br>
mmmm. chick fi la.<br>
:see, you are a pig.<br>
I suppose<br>
:HA! I'm right!<br>
go to hell.. I'm going running.

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you should really start supper.<br>
: DH can do it, I'm not even hungry<br>
but what about the rest of the night? what're you gonna do?<br>
:sit on the couch?<br>
isn't there laundry to do? sheets to change? aren't you wearing dirty jeans?<br>
:I'm tiiiiiii-iiiiiiired. I don't wanna do laundry! <img alt="sad2.gif" src=""><br>
doesn't matter, you have a house guest coming.<br>
:so? DH can make up the bed!<br>
what time do you think it is? you should go DO something!<br>
:*sigh* you're're right.<br>
good girl<br>
: (screw you...I'm not doing ANYTHING. <img alt="razz.gif" src="">)

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12,902 Posts sure to set the alarm for your o'dark thirty run tomorro<br>
me....maybe<br> sure to set out your gear for your o'dark thirty run tomorrow<br>
me....JEEBUS, you're a wimpy lazy pansyass<br>

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Good EQ: You really ought to ask out that pretty co-worker.<br>
Bad EQ: No you shouldn't.<br>
Good EQ: Why not? She's pretty. She's a nice person. I enjoy her company.<br>
Bad EQ: She probably doesn't think the same of you. She might give you the nice person part, but good looking? No. And there aren't too many women that enjoy your company.<br>
Good EQ: She's never said she <b>doesn't</b> like my company.<br>
Bad EQ: She's being kind. Besides, she can do a lot better than you.<br>
Good EQ: How do you know I'm not exactly what's she's looking for?<br>
Bad EQ: If you were a woman, would you want you?<br>
Good EQ: What does that matter? It's what she wants.<br>
Bad EQ: She can do better. If you were really a good guy, you'd let her.<br>
Good EQ: Isn't that <b>her</b> choice?<br>
Bad EQ: Why would you force her to make that choice????<br>
Good EQ: Because maybe she's tired of guys who treat her like crap, and wants someone who'll treat her right?<br>
Bad EQ: Sure, but you should let her find someone like that who can afford to spoil her rotten. You certainly can't do that.<br>
Good EQ: Maybe she doesn't want to be spoiled rotten?<br>
Bad EQ: Look, how many great women are looking for a 38 year old underemployed government pencil pusher and paper shuffler? I mean, your job is going away in a year. You still live at home, and not by choice. What, pray tell, do you have to offer her, or any woman.<br>
Good EQ: Why do I listen to you?<br>
Bad EQ: Because you know I'm right.<br><br><br>
It's an argument Good EQ can't win. Bad EQ has the facts on his side. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">

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FWIW, DH just went out to grab burritos! <img alt="smile.gif" src="">

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I said I wouldn't drink till McT got done school<br><br><i>But she finished at 4 [5 your time]</i><br><br>
She didn't PM me<br><br><i>So what, she's done</i><br><br>
Yeah, but ...<br><br><i>It's the PM isn't it?</i><br><br>

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Me: The house really needs to be cleaned.<br>
Anti-Me: No it doesn't.<br>
Me: What are you talking about? I haven't seen the top of the coffee table in a month.<br>
Anti-Me: But you could be watching a movie instead.<br>
Me: But no dishes are clean!!!<br>
Anti-Me: So? It's a perfect reason to keep you from overeating since you've been doing a lot of that lately.<br>
Me: What are you saying?!?! Hmm?!?! You take that back!<br>
Anti-Me: Wait, why don't we compromise? How about we play in the computer instead?<br>
Me: I always knew I liked you. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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