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April "BareBones" Milage Summary

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<p>Hi Everyone…..I’ve finally totaled up the April miles (almost in time for the May miles). I have no excuse for being so late, however if anyone wants to offer me one that I can use, I will take it.</p>
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<p>15 masters runners reported a total of 1825.78 miles, Hally posted but didn’t list miles, so I guess really 14 runners reported miles.</p>
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<p>Evanflein 231.4</p>
<p>Ripvanracer 193.41</p>
<p>Orange Mat 167.2</p>
<p>Dennis 163</p>
<p>Irunmike 161</p>
<p>Hemerocallus 147.1</p>
<p>HappyFeat 138</p>
<p>Plugging Along 127.37</p>
<p>Better Than Yesterday 112.9</p>
<p>Tamster 109.7</p>
<p>Paul 106</p>
<p>Gretriever 75-78 (used 76.5)</p>
<p>Baba O’Riley 63</p>
<p>Johnny 29.2</p>
<p>Hally ?????</p>
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<p>Total = 1825.78</p>
<p>Median = 127.37 Plugging Along (2<sup>nd</sup> month in a row)</p>
<p>Mean = 130.4 Plugging Along</p>
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<p>Now for the awards:</p>
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<p>Mr. Consistent Award goes to Baba O’Riley, 63 miles in April, 66 miles in March</p>
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<p>Runner up to the consistent award goes to HappyFeat with 138 miles in April, 132 miles in March.</p>
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<p>Racing PR’s this month: Orange Mat with PR’s at the 5K, 15K, and half marathon distances….very impressive OM. <span><img alt="icon_salut.gif" src="" style="width:23px;height:18px;"></span></p>
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<p>Gold Star Level: Only one (reporting) this month: Evanflein</p>
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<p>Can’t think of anymore cutesy award titles, so I’ll close with the honor roll, which, as usual, is all of us.</p>
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<p>Orange Mat</p>
<p>Plugging Along</p>
<p>Better Than Yesterday</p>
<p>Baba O’Riley</p>
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