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April 22/23 - Weekend Workouts!

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Still not back to working out - stomach is still iffy...lots of walking though

Geo - have fun on vacation! I did have a good race! 31:38 official doing my usual run/walk shenanigans...fastest I think in the past few years.

SB - I am in the same boat. If you can commit to 2x week and stick with - that is MUCH better than ZEROx per week right? I was managing 2x week 20 minute full body weight workouts before I got sick. Plan on going back to that. My goal right now is to get consistent week to week with weight training again. Nothing more. I have no problem getting my rides and runs in along with all the yard work, housework etc. I have no lofty goals of anything that requires a lot of training (other than the RIZO ride in the fall), so weight training and some yoga (10 min at a time) have been added back in.
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Got out for a 44 mile Bagelry ride on Saturday AM. Cooler than the week before - but still had 6 or 7 riders out there. Nothing on Sunday...

Hope you're feeling better, Zoj!
yesterday as the first workout a nice jog with a fast pace 3,5km
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