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Any massage therapists here?

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Question: Okay, I tend to make noise when I get massaged. It's not anything weird, but it might sound that way. I tend to be very tight and it just feels good/hurts to get a massage.<br><br>
I have a gift certificate about to expire for a professional massage.<br><br>
Will I weird out the professional or are y'all used to this?<br><br>
I could use a massage... but I'm kinda afraid to go.<br><br><img alt="blush.gif" src=""><br><br>
/I used to have a friend who did good massages and didn't care, but he moved away now. It's been months since I've had a good one!
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I'm pretty sure they are used to stuff like this.<br><br>
As long as you don't try to touch the therapist, or move his/her hand to an off limits region, then I think it's okay.<br><br>
How about mentioning it to them before you begin? Just so they aren't caught off guard.<br><br>
I make noise when I get worked on. But it's done by someone I know well, and we talk most of the time anyway. She does deep tissue and ashiatsu massage, so it's instinct to let out an "ugh!" when she's stepping on my glutes.
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