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Many of you have already signed up. Thank you! I know we are all looking forward to a great round.<br><br>
If you have not signed up, there is still time. I will close registration at 5pm MST (7pm EST) on Monday. I want to put the finishing touches on teams and <i>hopefully</i> post them on Monday night, or Tuesday at the latest. The round will start next Friday.<br><br>
I still need Captains! I have wonderful people that have volunteered so far but it looks like we're going to have a lot of participation and I'd like to have all teams have 2 captains. It's easy and you will even get a snazzy new status on Kickrunners (e.g. bigger PM mailbox). Sign up on the Volunteers thread if interested.<br><br>
Thanks again!<br>

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Billy - I can probably be a backup captain. I stay pretty busy and will be out of town quite a bit during this round. But i will help when I can.
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