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Amish Friendship Bread: Blessing or curse?

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When somebody gives you a bag of that Amish friendship bread starter, do you feel thrilled or nonplussed?<br><br>
It feels like a chainmail scheme to me. If I don't make the bread, let the batter die, and fail to pass on some starter to a new person, then I'll die a horrible death, or crops will be blighted.<br><br>
I worked with a lady who made lots of this bread. She added EVERYTHING to it, even canned fruit cocktail and marshmallows.<br><br>
I'll go with the "curse" option, but I'm open to new perspectives.
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Mostly a curse. Especially since you keep making it, so you <i>have</i> to eat it or give it away. PITA sometimes.
The idea of it is nice, and I can see where you would share it way back when you couldn't get yeast or other leavening. It's the chain-mail aspect I don't care for. You actually don't have to save some to give away. I've found it tasty. I've never seen any recipe with pudding in it (my first reaction to that is: ew) but you can do almost anything with the base, really.<br><br>
As for "where it came from" part, yeast is in nature, and you're baking it so it whatever that might be "wrong" gets killed. The yeast you put in regular bread comes from somewhere too. It's not nasty, but that's just my opinion.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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